India News: Chinese 59 apps Banned in Indian

Chinese 59 apps Banned in Indian

Indian Government has banned a number of Chinese app from their platform, though the issues appear in public to boycott China. After a big attack on the Indian border on Indian soldiers, they started to boycott Chinese products to showing their open protest.

Recently, the Indian government ensures that they have confirmed to ban a number of Chinese apps made in China and officially announced that these apps are harmful to our society that is why the government of India considered banning such apps in an official from India. They also added in a statement, it will enhance their state security and defense of India predominantly.

There have been banned 59 apps specifically, adding most popular and influencer apps in society such as TikTok, Wechat, Bigo Live, and so on. From starting these apps rose significantly in India with a huge number of users.

Indian Ministry of Information and Technology exposed that they have various allegations about such apps and got a number of reports from various sources. Considering such allegations we have decided to ban such apps permanently from India and Indian users cannot access such apps.

In those cases, India and China going towards war for the region of Ladakh. There was a big clash in the Ladakh border on Indian soldiers and 20 soldiers died. Even though the Indian government tried to handle this situation with manipulating but they show boycott trends in Chinese products and apps.

On the other hand, China is ready for war and rescue land from the Ladakh region. Some images that have taken from satellite view shows China placing a new camp with their strategy for the war in the Ladakh Indian border. After getting such these footages Indian going to send their special team in border who able to take action in any kind of circumstance. They also deployed more troops in the border to fight such this situation but politicians and leaders say keep handle this situation without war and also said war does not call anything good.

The world influencer apps TikTok parent company “ByteDance” headquarters situated in China, Beijing, Though the apps became popular in China at first afterward it is taking place worldwide. TikTok is the biggest foreign market in the world approximately 120 million users from India. As well as, the Indian government banned Alibaba, Clash of Clan, and Chinese E-commerce websites.

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