NASA Rocket Launch 2020 | NASA Going To Launch A Rocket in The Red Planet Mars

NASA Rocket Launch 2020

Space mysterious researcher NASA going to launch a Rocket in Mars 2020 rover and the name was given Perseverance. It will find out the potential questions and answers about ancient life on Mars. The NASA rover will also explore the mysteries of the Martian surface and collect more information as well as there will be tested new technologies to helping the future challenges in Mars for the human mission.

As we know, several particular information gathered from Mars and they had launched a mission before and tested the Mars atmosphere, water, find out resources, environmental conditions, weather, and many many things. They got various significant information about Mars. They also testing more things to making a good planet to living and working people over there in the future.

The NASA mission Perseverance will lunch with the same purpose of finding and collecting information to getting better Mars for future living. The mission perseverance will lunch from Cape Canaveral Air force station abroad United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket on 17 July 2020.

The NASA officially announced perseverance will test our technology efforts in future exploration instances of one rover that will collect information Martian Oxygen atmosphere and carbon dioxide.

In this mission NASA has includes a tiny helicopter and given name Ingenuity which placed in the perseverance belly. This helicopter will travel around Mars and explore the things to collect huge amounts of data. These future rotorcraft are capable to collect huge amounts of data.

There are 23 cameras with two microphones in the perseverance that is outfitted. It will capable to capture high-quality pictures and high definition videos. The microphone will generate a clear voice absolutely that helps to hear the sound of Mars what’s happening actually and Picture or Videos will generate the mystery of Mars with resources.

NASA also said there are two of our robots that are active at this moment, which has controlled by the Mars-quakes since 2018. The rover which sent in 2012 that has been exploring 154 km in the Martian surfaces.

Lori Glaze said “Perseverance” is the most sophisticated mission, we have not sent before such this mission. We made it with digital technology and a very informative one, which will be better than before and we are expecting a huge amount of data that can provide perseverance only.


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