Voice Tweet | Twitter Discovered Voice Tweets feature

Voice Tweet feature

Twitter is the most popular social media platform in the world. They have more than 500 million-plus users’ families. Every day they tremendously trying to provide more facilities for their users. Recently, Twitter announced their new features “Audio Tweets ” for its iOS users, everyone can use this feature around the world who use iOS.

As we know that there are several social media online such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and so on but a huge opportunity and various features providing Facebook and Facebook Messenger. They provide audio calls, video calls, chat, voice messages many many. Meantime, other social platforms trying to make a competition with Facebook giving sufficient services.

According to Twitter, they recently got a downwards trend from Instagram. Although Instagram mainly giving services as photo uploading media platforms online the users of Instagram have already passed Twitter a few days ago. To getting the downwards trend they trying to moving on the highest position as they now at the 6th largest social media platforms.

Considering all these things they are wondering to enhance their features and updates all. Already Twitter updates and started to giving services for the voice message but there are some limitations because they are not able to provide service for the Android device. They are only capable to provide service for iOS users.

After getting access to Twitter you will found a waveform icon together to camera icon when writing a tweet. If you want to send a voice message just tap here in the bottom appears button. When you tap the button it will be started to recording a voice tweet.

In those cases, there are some limitations with voice record, people will able to use voice tweets for up 140 seconds. When you reach the limit point of record there will be starting a new voice tweet, said: “Twitter Officially”.

These audio tweets are unavailable to provide in a comment because it’s actually serving for the original page of tweets so you will never found the options in the comments box. The tweets will always record with attached your profile picture “It will attach your current profile picture” when you recording the audio tweets.

Twitter also said users will also capable to listen their recorded audio by clicking the play button on the recorded tweets for iSO devices. To listen to the audio tweets you just have to go on your timeline and find out which one you want to listen to and click the play show button in the audio tweet, the audio will start playing.

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