Upcoming Smartphone Series Future Phones 2022

Upcoming Smartphone 2022

The evolution of smartphones is growing faster, everyday something new waiting to add with our daily life. Smartphone like Android, iPhone has increased the steps of technology as well as developing a way of life. Nowadays smartphone users raising significantly and already 98% of users around the world chosen smartphones.

In those cases, many smartphone companies are thinking about improvements in smartphones with advanced features to getting users’ satisfaction. They are improving the quality of the Camera, RAM, and so on. As we know, In this modern era people more fond of a high-quality camera because everyone wants to capture their memories and every move of life that is why a high-quality camera is a must need. Considering such facilities smartphone companies are introducing a new advance features phone every day.

Let’s have a look here we illustrate few smartphones that haven’t launched yet and the upcoming phones of 2020. It’s gonna be very exciting and credible because smartphone companies introduce their new phones with advanced features.

The upcoming generation of phones
Before explaining the details, here are some advanced features anticipated handsets that gonna be launched in 2020.

New smartphones coming soon

  1. Xiaomi flip phone
  2. Samsung Galaxy Note 20
  3. Samsung Galaxy Fold E
  4. Xiaomi flip phone


  • Xiaomi took placed in the best smartphone list and popularity, already a number of users chosen Xiaomi. Xiaomi has shown various folding in the past, but yet the Xiaomi company going to be launched a new Xiaomi folding handset which alternatively Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and it would be cheaper than Galaxy with advance features. Users already satisfied with Xiaomi so that there is nothing to explain more about Xiaomi.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Samsung Galaxy is the most popular handset in the world and widely uses. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series display is expected to take the 120Hz. The Samsung galaxy note 20’s camera with S Pen powers. We’re expecting two sizes, like the Note 10. It seems to be launched in August 2020.

  • Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition
  • Samsung Galaxy Fold E

There are several threads got the series Samsung Galaxy Fold E of a rumor that suggests Samsung is looking at most affordable folding phones and the Galaxy Fold E is what we might get. Before we have heard that Samsung will be a price drop in mid-2020. At this time there’s also talk about the Fold model with a very small external display such as the Z Flip, designed to sell much cheaper.


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