US H-1B Visa Suspension | Reduce Unemployment Problems

US H-1B Visa Suspension

The American government has suspension Indian H-1B visas and all temporary work permits in the United States for the reasons of reducing unemployment problems of their country in the United States at such a present crisis. American president assuming a high unemployment problem for the present circumstances and considering such issues American government remains closed the H-1B visa and another temporary residence permits.

In these circumstances, very few Indian technology companies comment that the impact of suspension will not affect significantly technology companies although it has suggested an analyst. It says few Indian technology companies are out of this impact such as Tech Mahindra, Infosys, TCS, and some other companies excluded.

As we know, at this moment all things remain closed for the reasons of the world crisis and including such types of places which called a countries economy as an Airport, Railways, Companies, Factories, and other particular Industrial sectors. For this reason, people losing their jobs and enhance their unemployment problems each and every country. Even though there are few sectors that are opened for employers and they can work at home but still having a number of unemployed population in every country because people cannot go out for work.

Meantime, the Canadian prime minister has taken the responsibility of all Canadians nationality and non-nationality the mentioned benefits will include the house rent foods, current bills, and other essential equipment that needed to lives. On the other side, other countries or low economy countries will not capable to take responsibility for their inhabitant for the lowest economy.

As regards the United States of America they also have a number of unemployment problems but cannot do anything for the nationality though this country has a strong economy over the world due to the present crisis of present crisis people unable to go out for work outside of the home. American president says we cannot take responsibility for all nationality or residence at this time and he also said we do not have to suffer much. President Donald Trump already taking a few steps to decrease the unemployment problems over the country.

In this time, all countries taking hard decisions depending on analyst for the nation and inhabitant of their country to reducing the unemployment problem. The United States also decided to suspend the H-1B visa to giving more opportunities and priority for their nationality and residents as well. But they have considered excluding such companies who are taking responsibility for United States economy sectors.

Whereas a couple of days ago the united state Court has given permission to work in the United States who do not have any residential and living permission in America especially who staying here from childhood, Only they can work in the USA without residential and work permits at the present crisis. Though Donald Trump disagrees with this decision of the court and said it is going through the rules made by Barack Obama, he also said it is very offensive and unexpected.

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