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Rank #1 On Google Method

If you are thinking to start digital marketing or blogging online then these articles will help you match. So, you are in the right place because I am sharing here on my site how to SEO your website and keep your position rank number one in Google. Just access my home page and look for the SEO page on the page bar, you will see many posts here about SEO.

However, if you reading this page you may look for,

What is SEO?

First of all, you need to know what is SEO and what is the full form of SEO. Let me introduce, SEO means Search Engine Optimization. This sound is very familiar, before you may hear this sounds. There are uncountable websites running around the world. In this situation, many people want to rank their sites on search engines.

Moreover, You also have to know how many search engines in the world. There are several search engines around the world so I have a tutorial about the top 10 search engines and their details. You may read this article.

Why SEO necessary for our website?

How to do SEO?

This is the most important question and many people already asked about it why SEO needs our sites. I found this question much time at Quora which is why I thinking to make a tutorial about it.
Now Come to point, Search engine optimization is very important to us because it contains our sites ranking. When you are making a post then what’s think you need to keep in your mind, do you know?

Meantime, you have to know this if you already started your site and wanna start a new one. When you are writing a post then you have to focus on your meta title, meta descriptions, meta links, and keywords. Your post must have to relate with your keywords and try to make a relation with meta title, meta description, and meta link. Sometimes you may think that is very hard but you have to do it if you want to stand on the search engine.

Moreover, if you want to boost your post then learn about keywords research. The most uses technique to use the keyword on a post is keywords research for your sites and specific post. Find out keywords that are already ranked on Google and use it in your specific post as a focus keyword. Afterward, using your focus keywords make your meta title, meta description, and meta link. If your focus keywords not found in the meta title, meta descriptions, and meta link then you may lose your rank. There are many ways to SEO your sites, you can use these as well.

How to SEO with Backlinks?

Backlinks are the most important factors to your site because if your sites have more backlinks then have a great chance to boost your site and rank in search engine. As I explained in my backlinks tutorial how to use backlinks and how to increase your chances to ranking on Google.

If you want to know about backlinks, you may go by this link,

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