Xiaomi Entered Laptop Market | Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition Published

 Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition

Good News:  Xiaomi has been entered in the Computer market recently the launched a new Mi Notebook 14 Horizon edition product. The Mi Notebook 14 model something light with a few bells. Xiaomi performs greatly over the world and it became the most popular brand in the universe.

As we know, Xiaomi has already entered the smartphone and television (TV) market. This brand raising day by day as their features and benefits for the users and it’s showed an amazing performance in past. Especially, the Xiaomi camera is more HDR and captures awesome pictures and videos. It also has various opportunities like Xiaomi’s handsets run smoothly without getting hang. Considering such benefits people fond of this brand.

In the past, Xiaomi showed a great performance in the sales market over the world that’s why the Xiaomi company want to enter several markets as the proven entering in the TV, smartphone, and recently added computer market by Mi Notebook 14. It’s assumed that they will catch the whole market with their features and opportunities.

The new series of Xiaomi the worth will be reasonable because they want to reach more people to understand such features that have differences than others. That is why the new Mi Notebook 14 edition will be in low range and available to buy anyone with this worth.

The new Mi NoteBook 14 Horizon Edition has offered HDMI port, USB-A port, USB-c port with light power. The features designed like MackBook Pro with a metal body. The laptop is a 14-inch FHD display and a footprint 13.3 inches with 3mm slim bezels, 91% screen body ratio.

Let’s talk about processor: The Xiaomi latest Mi Notebook 24 is an overall amazing model with processor 10th Gen Intel, Core i5 10210U.

RAM: If we buy something mobile or laptop first of all we wanted to know about RAm because the highest amount of people using laptops or phones for playing games so it’s also have good news with the Mi Notebook 24 has 8GB Ram ( DDR4 @2666MHz).

The shocking series of Xiaomi Notebook 24 edition is available in the market. It is already reached in many countries around the world such as America (US), Canada, the UK, and so on. Recently it is going to sell in India, especially in the Flipkart online marketplace. Flipkart said it is available in our stocks and we are capable of taking orders from customers.

The worth of this Mi Notebook model in India will be reasonable and converted into Indian Rupees. The worth in US dollars around half thousand and this worth will be converted in Indian currency.

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