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PageSpeed Insights & Gtmetrix Score 100

If you are looking for an article that helps your website to get PageSpeed Insights Score 100/100 And Gtmetrix Score 100/100. Hey, you are in the right place, after reading this article your website will be a rocket in PageSpeed Insights And Gtmetrix with my best optimization descriptions.

So before diving into our best methods, let’s learn more about PageSpeed Insights And Gtmetrix.

What is Google PageSpeed Insights?

Google PageSpeed Insights is a baffling helpful instrument that investigates your site’s front-end execution and offers enhancement proposals.

It scores your site from 0 to 100 focuses, with a score of 85 or above showing a page is performing great.

PageSpeed Insights estimates who a page can be improved dependent on:

Time to over the-overlap load: Elapsed time from the second a client demands another page and to the second the over the-crease content is delivered by the program.

Time to full page load: Elapsed time from the second a client demands another page to the second the page is completely delivered by the program.

So how do PageSpeed Insights assess your site? It takes a gander at the organization’s free parts of page execution: worker design, the HTML structure of a page, and its utilization of outside assets, for example, pictures, Javascript, and CSS.

Testing your site with PageSpeed Insights can be a shocker for any individual who hasn’t tried to advance their site, and furthermore offers an extraordinary beginning stage for those hoping to improve site execution.

Having said that, it can likewise send you into a pointless frenzy when a site returns lower than anticipated scores, or proposals that countermeasures you have set up on your site.

What is Exactly Gtmetrix?

GTmetrix is one of the free apparatuses used to get itemized covers site execution. It investigates the whole Website speed utilizing Google Page Speed and YSlow rules. GTmetrix watches that the front-finish of the whole site is steady with the suggested rehearses.

A decent PageSpeed/YSlow score implies that the page is advanced for the quickest conceivable delivery by the internet browser.

Significance of SEO

GTmetrix assumes a significant function in SEO as Google utilizes the Page Speed to bring about its positioning calculation. Right site speed makes ordering simpler for web crawlers and expands the degree of client fulfillment. It merits remembering this while improving your site.

Guidelines to speed up your website

  • Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Database optimization in CMS.
  • Move your website to a better host.
  • Minimize the number of JavaScript and CSS files.
  • Implement Gzip Compression.
  • Use website caching.
  • Reduce the number of plugins.
  • Optimize the size of images on your website.


Autoptimize is a free WordPress advancement module. Notwithstanding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript streamlining, Autoptimize likewise incorporates improvement highlights focused at different parts of present-day WordPress locales.

In this article, we will sate the best Autoptimize module settings to improve the presentation and page speed of your WordPress site.

Why Autoptimize?

Before we plunge into the best Autoptimize settings, we should rapidly go more than three reasons why Autoptimize is an incredible streamlining module.

The free form of Autoptimize has a total list of capabilities for streamlining your WordPress site.

Autoptimize is carefully an advancement module and doesn’t do any HTML page reserving. This implies it is viable with all web has – even ones with the custom page reserving arrangements like Kinsta.

Autoptimize has more than 1 million dynamics introduces in the WordPress storehouse and is reliably refreshed with new highlights and bug fixes.

Autoptimize JS, CSS, and HTML Settings

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are Autoptimize’s meat and potatoes. Similarly as with other advancement modules, delving into Autoptimize’s broad list of capabilities and settings can be an overwhelming assignment. To make things simpler, we have accumulated the best Autoptimize settings for improving your site’s presentation.

There are 3 Particular Autoptimize Settings, you must have to set up to optimize a WordPress website

  1. JavaScript Options
  2. CSS Options

  3. HTML Options

  4. Minifies JavaScript, CSS and HTML

  5. Adds expires headers

  6. Cache minified files

  7. Moves styles to the page head

  8. Move scripts to the footer

Autoptimize plugin helps to minify all JS, CSS, and HTML files to get better on PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix that will make approximately score 100% Optimization.

#WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is the most downloaded plugin in the plugin registry. It’s dynamic in 1 Million+ site at this moment. This module is a result of Automatic, Parent organization for WordPress.

It’s a tenderfoot agreeable module with fewer alternatives. Less decision implies they give most customization out of the case and on the off chance that you need some high-level capacity, at that point play with the arrangement.


  1. Serve static HTML files
  2. Cache preload
  3. CDN support
  4. Support multiple caching types (Mod_Rewrite, PHP, and Legacy)

#W3 Total Cache

This the most developed WordPress storing module and activated on 1 Million+ Website. It is anything but amateur-friendly yet you can discover many articles on How to set up the W3 Total Cache plugin for Newbie Guides. Here is the list of Configuration that supported in the W3 Total Cache.

Supported Feature

  1. CDN Support
  2. Minifying
  3. Browser caching
  4. Database caching
  5. Object caching
  6. Cloudflare Support

#ShortPixel Image Optimizer

Pictures are the heaviest piece of any page. ShortPixel Image Optimizer improves pictures and lessens their size without corrupting the natural size of the picture. It likewise decreases your PDF size.

Introduce it and pick your favored alternative like lossy/lossless. It naturally streamlines your new transferred picture.

ShortPixel gives 100image/month streamlining in the free arrangement. Utilize a connection to get additional 100 picture enhancement credits.

Supported Features

  1. Easy to Use
  2. Bulk Image optimization option available
  3. Automatically resize/optimize your images

#BJ Lazy Load

This module replaces all your post pictures, post thumbnails, gravatar pictures, and substance iframes with a placeholder and burdens the substance as it draws near to enter the program window when the guest looks over the page. Additionally works with text gadgets.

Since it works with iframes, it additionally covers inserted videoes from YouTube, Vimeo, and so on


  1. Replaces post pictures, Gravatar pictures and post thumbnails
  2. Replaces content iframes with a placeholder until content necessities to stack
  3. The module utilizes jQuery to work
  4. Serves downsized pictures with responsive plans

#Imagify Image optimizer

Imagify offers comparative support like ShortPixel however they give an additional alternative to get pictures lighter when contrasted with ShortPixel, yet this setting obviously demonstrated picture quality degradation.

It’s better for pressure JPG picture, and they give you a superior arrangement in the free participation program. Imagify gives a 25MB/Month standard for improving the picture. This module saves 3.5MB from the 7Mb picture envelope on my other blog.


  1. Resize/Optimize your picture naturally
  2. Mass picture enhancing choice
  3. Easy to utilize
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