Tech Giant Of the Green Planet world

In this content heading, I have mentioned the word “Tech Giant” though the meaning calls different sounds but just exposed the proper explanation of our tech and technology domination over the planet I would like to use the “Tech Giant” word. In this article, I will discover several tech giants that have already been changed in our society and world.
Tech Giant Of the Green Planet world
Here are the most effective and influencer technology that changes our world community and communication systems.

Tech giant Google

We are pretty much influenced by Google every day, do you know how? Well, let me explain the fact, In this modern era I use an Android phone and everyone has an Android device to use more advance features and advance communications, but most people don’t know the matter that google maintains the whole Android device such as Search, Applications, Location each and every act because Android powered by Google.

What is Google?

Google is the word the largest Search Engine where people come to search for their interest. Google also launched various products such as social media, blogger, Drive or storage, Google sites and so on. All the products have advantages and benefits for users. Google also provides opportunities to work with them at home, I think this is a great opportunity for us to make money online from Google.

How does Google Search engine work?

Google search engine collects data from the other sites connected with the internet and index them on their search engine. While a user searches their interest in a Google search engine then Google shows the collected indexed data relevant to the user search, this is how Google works over the planet through the Internet.

Tech Giant Facebook

Facebook is another tech giant which influenced the world and exposed its identity as a social media since 2004. Facebook is the most popular and first social media that connected the whole world’s and made it a “Global Village” where people come to talk to each other around the world. Especially Facebook made it easy to connect with different people from different countries and given an opportunity to make friends globally.

What are Facebook users benefit?

Facebook has given several opportunities for users till now such as free chat, Audio call, Video call, sharing thoughts, own profile and so on as well as Facebook already providing the opportunity to make money online from Facebook pages, group and through sharing articles on Facebook.

 Tech Giant YouTube

YouTube is the next coming tech giants social media that already been changed the way of communication and forced the world to become Online. After establishing YouTube everyone moved towards Online to run the business through videos, Learning videos and so on.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is the world’s biggest video search engine and social media where people come to search for videos and connect friends and audience through live video as well. This another advantage that has changed the world.
In conclusion, everything has a good and bad benefits that depends on our behavior and interest. Behind the all advantages has something disadvantage that can be harmful for our society even though we prefer to be advance.

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