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Up to $3,411 per month

Job Location: Jacksonville, FL 32202

Office: Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office

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Set of working responsibilities:

This is paraprofessional work in planning and getting ready openly available reports demands including composed and sound/video. The work requires information on strategies, techniques, and systems utilized in the readiness of freely available reports demands, which are normally acquired through hands-on preparing. Contacts require abilities in comprehension and affecting individuals and are significant in settling business-related issues or grumblings. The work is the semi-everyday practice in that assignments are covered by methodology or points of reference, however, some scope is allowed to think about the most fitting strategy, strategy, or system to follow. Work is acted in an office climate and incorporates activity of standard office hardware like a copier, phone, PC and PC programming, for example, word handling, video altering programming, and PDF altering programming. Actual requests comprise of sitting or remaining at a work station for expanded timeframes, utilizing and infrequently lifting and moving items weighing under 50lbs. The work is performed under broad watch where the work tasks are fluctuated and, albeit subject to standard practice and methodology, the laborer is allowed some scope to set own needs subject to the manager’s endorsement.

Instances of Work:

Deciphers applies and guarantees consistency with government, state and nearby laws and guidelines and approaches in regards to freely available reports. Surveys redact and alter video/sound for different units of the sheriff’s office. Downloads alters and redacts demands for 911 sound and call history printouts. Redacts mentioned freely available reports demands from news sources. Enters, outputs, and appends records demands and related archives in a single focal area for following and responsibility. Cycles State Capital Repository demands. Organizes and plans openly available report demands from lawyers, other law authorization offices, insurance agencies, State Attorney’s Office, and detainee freely available reports demands. Cycles summon demands. Reacts to requests and grievances from the overall population and deciphers and clarifies departmental arrangements and strategies to clients. Records and recovers different kinds of reports. Works standard office hardware like a PC, copier, phone, using word preparing, video altering and PDF altering programming. Keeps up the classification of records and other delicate data. Exhibits capability in the City of Jacksonville Core Competencies. Performs related obligations as required.

Information, Skills and Abilities:

Information on the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office arrangements and techniques in regards to freely available reports. Information on government, state and neighborhood laws and guidelines and strategies in regards to openly available reports. Information on standard office practices and systems. Capacity to decipher laws, rules and guidelines. Capacity to assemble, dissect and decipher the information. Capacity to impart adequately, both orally and recorded as a hard copy. Capacity to work a PC using word preparing, video altering and PDF altering programming. Capacity to audit data and make reports. Capacity to set up and keep up powerful working associations with representatives and people in general. Capacity to lift moderate to weighty things. Capacity to focus on work tasks and perform multiple tasks.

Open Requirements/Supplemental Information:

A long term blend of schooling from an authorize foundation and additionally experience in para-proficient work, which comprises of at any rate one (1) year of earlier records insight.

Different Requirements

The trial period for this class is twelve a year. This characterization performs wellbeing touchy capacities and is dependent upon pre-business, arbitrary and other medication/liquor testing programs as gone ahead in the City of Jacksonville’s Drug-Free Workplace Policy (0401).

Class Series

The City of Jacksonville is an Equal Opportunity/Equal Access Employer and will give equivalent freedom to all workers and candidates in consistence with all relevant government and state business laws and the current understanding of business segregation by the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, as gone ahead in Directive 0528. There will be no segregation or badgering against any individual concerning race, shading, sex (counting pregnancy), sexual direction, sex personality or articulation, religion, political association, public cause, handicap, age, conjugal status, veteran status, or some other impermissible factor in enrollment, recruiting, pay, preparing, position, advancement, discipline, downgrade, moves, cutback, review, end, working conditions and related terms and states of business.

Min: USD $3,411.21/Mo. Max: USD $3,411.21/Mo.

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