I Paid Fiverr To Create An Entire YouTube Business

So a couple of years ago I hired some random guy on Fiverr to make me a whiteboard video and put it on my YouTube channel now fast-forward to today and the results have been absolutely insane for that video check these out, so you can see here it kind of slowly grew over time until it settled down and at this point, it’s brought in almost 3 000 subscribers 1 500, and it’s still bringing in 300 views every 48 hours so that kind of got me wondering. I wonder if I could build a successful YouTube channel using only Fiverr gigs from the channel creation and setup to the keyword research to the thumbnails to the video editing the voice-overs the SEO every single piece of the puzzle. Basically, I wanted to see if a monkey clicking a mouse could make this all work so in this article we’re going to see if it’s possible to do exactly that build an entire YouTube channel only using different Fiverr gigs and obviously still be successful on YouTube. So one of the cool things about making this article as I actually learned some really cool tips for hiring on Fiverr and so if you hire on Fiverr you have to read this article.

I wanted to find a category or a niche that actually made sense one that a channel like mine could actually rank videos in but then one that I could also make money in and not just from YouTube views so what did I do I googled it so thank you to socialvideoplaza.com for giving us a ton of niche ideas. I settled on the jobs niche that’s kind of an ironic niche considering that this YouTube channel teaches people how to quit their job but let’s roll with it, so I chose the niche and that’s literally the only decision that I plan on making in this business is choosing the niche everything else from here on out is going to be made by those experts on Fiverr.

Fiverr Gigs Keyword Research

Fiverr Gigs Keyword Research

Time to start ordering some gigs, so I decided to start with four videos and I just hired basically the first guy on Fiverr that I ran across to do keyword research because it’s really not that complicated. Honestly, I doubt any of them are gonna really put a lot of time into it anyway so for five bucks we now have some keyword research it only took a few hours and this is what I was given, so the first thing is I’m pretty sure that these numbers I’m looking at are for Google not for YouTube. I can tell you know with things like CPC which tends to be a Google thing associated with keywords the same thing with the competition, so it looks like the kind of just took a software that they use they plugged in my keyword, and they downloaded a report and sent it to me. You know that’s not really a bad hourly rate for what I would think took about two minutes anyway I ran with it, I looked here you can see I highlighted four different keywords that we were going to go for based on search volume and uh basically just keywords that I thought that kind of generic whiteboard or uh b-roll video could do well with but at this point, the easy part was over, and now we need to hire some real talent because next, we need to get the scripts written for each of those. It’s not going to be me so when I type in YouTube script here into Fiverr.

Fiverr Search Filter

I get results that are literally all over the place in price and in quality and in how many jobs they’ve done and this is where I learned something really, fascinating about Fiverr because you see Fiverr doesn’t actually put up the best results when you type something into that search bar does that seem crazy to me is that just me but what I learned is that you can use these filters at the top, and you can do crazy things so seller details.

Fiverr Search Filter

You can just select a top-rated seller which in this case there wasn’t any or level one and that will filter out a lot of the ratings of the sellers next you can set your budget and I just set my budget to five bucks saying hey I only have five bucks for this to work, and I get a whole new list of people here and the beauty of this is look there’s still people for five bucks that can write scripts they’ve got great reviews you can see 94 good reviews all five star, and they’re charging a fifth of what some other people are charging, so I ended up choosing the guy we see on the screen here you can see gigs great reviews 4.9 stars and for 10 bucks they’ll write the full script it’s kind of frustrating that Fiverr would hide this person like I literally could not find this person unless I started to search with parameters and stuff in place. I don’t know why they wouldn’t show up first to start with now I actually ended up ordering from four different people so that I could test four different writers, but we’re not going to bore people with those details now i got the scripts back really quickly, and I’ll be honest I was terrified that they wouldn’t even be readable that someone was going to use some kind of artificial intelligence bot to write the entire script jobs high pay good, but money helps a lot bank account fortunately I was actually extremely surprised that all four riders did a very, very good job including the one that was only ten dollars let’s have a peek at the one that he wrote here you can see here he’s got a good intro with fierce competition and growing uncertainty in the job market following the career path you’ve always dreamed of now may seem harder than ever yadda yadda yadda yadda all very well written it’s got a nice little hook and a nice little rhythm to the whole script now I’m going to be honest a few of the words were a little big for me but maybe that’ll make people think that I’m smarter or something.

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Fiverr YouTube Video Voiceovers

Fiverr YouTube Video Voiceovers

The next step was to order the voiceovers and the video, and I was kind of hoping that there would be somebody on Fiverr that would just do both of these they would record the voice-over and insert it into the video. I couldn’t find anyone that did this specifically, and so I had to order them separately now voiceovers very nearly gave me a heart attack when I saw the pricing but once again I was able to use a kind of this handy trick that I’ve learned about Fiverr and able to really narrow it down and get some fantastic deals. So when I went to order voiceovers you can see right here uh most of the sellers let you insert a number, and we were doing about 500 words, and it was about 200 about 100 to 200 for most of the sellers in Fiverr wow that’s a lot of money. I ended up settling on someone with an awesome British accent, and you can see here that for 500 words it was only five dollars they’ve got all five-star reviews, and they’ve got 30 of them the 31st is mine you’re hired, so I ordered four different voiceovers, and then I went through this exact same process and ordered four different video editors.

Now hiring an editor was super, fascinating actually because I searched and searched did my trick spent a lot of time most people were trying to charge 20 to 30 bucks for about 30 seconds of video which once again was outside my budget, but you can see here if you look at these four right here. I ended up finding uh most editors for about 40 bucks but then when I went back to film this video things had changed you can see most of the editors will hop on here and look at one of these for example it was now forty dollars for two minutes of editing, so they had changed their pricing and all the editors, but one had actually changed their pricing and so it looks like these Fiverr guys are kind of variation their pricing perhaps maybe how much business they have determines what price they charge but in the end, there was one that really worked out for me and had a good deal and didn’t change their prices or anything like that it’s this one right.

YouTube Video and Thumbnail Editing Gig Price on Fiverr

YouTube Video Editing Gig Price on Fiverr

Here you can see for a video less than 10 minutes uh 10 if you want to add some sound stuff and things like that and end up being 30, but you could get less than 20 minutes, so this is what I ended up going with and ordering for the future videos that we’re gonna do is this gig right here and the final step in this entire process was ordering the thumbnails that would go along with the YouTube videos when I typed in thumbnails tons and tons of results for five dollars. I was going to pay five dollars per thumbnail because that seemed pretty standard but on scrolling down I found a couple of sellers that were selling three thumbnails for five dollars or three thumbnails forten dollars I ended up buying from the three thumbnails for 10 because I feel like their thumbnails had a little more zing to them, I love it when a plan comes together we did hit a slight hiccup when they asked me what colour preference I had, and I said yellow and black and one more colour of their choice, in the end, they gave me these three thumbnails which didn’t have any of my colour preferences inside them, but after I alerted him to the mistake he promptly replied said sorry fixing and I said no worries I appreciate the fast response, and we got some updated thumbnails to check out these results guys I’m paying like two or three dollars for these thumbnails and they are really really good alright so at this point we have four videos edited we’ve got the voiceovers we’ve got the thumbnails we’ve got everything ready to go now I’m gonna be honest none of the videos really stood out above and beyond any of the other videos. But I’m gonna show you about a 10-second clip to kind of show you what I basically got ready action seven jobs for people without a college degree having a college degree is a big plus for getting a job though that doesn’t mean that someone without one can’t find a high-paying job on their own not bad right.

I was pretty excited about this I feel like all in all we did a pretty good job considering that I’m just piecing everything together from a bunch of different Fiverr gigs from people who don’t know if I’ll ever come back and give them. My business again the only thing left to do at this point is launch all right it’s the moment I’ve been waiting for like two-three weeks now we’re gonna choose the first video we’re gonna go live. I just got in there and realized I don’t even know which video I wanna do first so I think I’m gonna go with the uh the jobs for people without a degree I felt like they did a really good job editing. Honestly, uh we’re 24 hours out from the first video on a brand new channel so my hopes aren’t crazy high but let’s go on and see what we got in terms of views and in terms of ranking all right so first. We’re gonna look at the channel dashboard right here you can see let’s go to this uh this analytics for the video oh hey look we’re getting views, okay we’ve got seven views a total watch time of about a tenth of hour. But look over here I mean we’re actually getting some real views here you can see like a few people are getting shown this and it looks like youtube search is the traffic source or the browse feature which means this is real views so that’s a really good sign actually you can see here uh view duration which is really important on youtube is not great, uh but with seven views we’re probably not going to judge it too hard uh so next let’s go over here to youtube and let’s see how we’re actually ranking okay.

So jobs for people without degrees okay what we’re going to do is we’re going to search my channel name so we’re not showing in the first set of views here let’s check again there we are okay so we are ranking looks like about scrolling down we’re ranking a spot about 20 right now so ranking on spot 20 the day after with a brand new channel and uh let’s see here look we’re ranking above other people which is good because these guys have real channels with actual views on their videos and things like that see my original plan was to upload one a week. But I decided to speed that up a bunch because I wanted to see results faster so I uploaded the rest of the videos to youtube about two or three days apart and then it was time for the uh the biggest what I guess would be the most important step of all and that’s ordering the SEO or the youtube ranking service on Fiverr.

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