How To Make Money with Social Media Marketing

Do you want to make over a hundred dollars per hour in social media marketing this is the article that is going to guide you on exactly how to do social media marketing? Hey, guys its Md Jalal Uddin and in today’s article I’m not just going to tell you how I do it I’m going to tell you the exact process I followed to make over a hundred dollars per hour in social media marketing.

Now the first step of your education begins with distinction there are three types of services that you can majorly offer in social media marketing:

  • Social Media Management.
  • Social Media Strategy.
  • Social Media Consulting.

Yes, there are people who offer more than one of these in the same service, but ideally, these three should be distinguished.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Now as a social media manager you do monthly social media management if you want to get started with social media marketing this is where you need to start, and you need to know how to manage Instagram accounts, Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts, Pinterest accounts. Basically anything and everything social media on a month-to-month basis without knowing how to manage accounts you cannot make a strategy for them, you cannot consult people on how they can grow their social media.

Okay, so it will really always start with management if you’re starting from scratch you cannot become a consultant or a strategist without first-hand experience. You cannot do this with just theoretical knowledge, yes you probably can by reading a few books, but that will kind of give you an impostor syndrome vibe because you are telling people things that you have not done for yourself. I never talk about things that I have not done myself and that really gives me a lot of confidence in my abilities so first, step social media management so if social media management is interesting for you the average rates for a freelancer in social media management in INDIA is five to seven thousand rupees per month per platform. So, if you’re managing four platforms you can expect a salary of over twenty thousand per month or fees of twenty thousand per month or more and for international clients, it’s about 200 to 300 minimum per month.

So, if you have three to four clients you can make a very handsome amount each and every month my tip to you would be that start off with Indian clients because it’s easier but eventually try to very consciously move to international clients because that’s where you make the most amount of money. Coming back that is all about social media management in the first place once you get an understanding of how to manage social media you will understand how algorithms work, and you might be able to help your client with making a strategy for their platform. Yet, when you are a social media strategist a lot of times clients also want you to do management as well strategy and management often go hand in hand, so you can raise your rates by three to four thousand in  Indian and a hundred to two hundred dollars in international rates. When you start offering both strategy and management services because this will require you to put your brains into the work usually in freelancing the more your brain gets involved the more strategic work you do the higher paychecks you get, so you want to get there slowly, but you cannot become a strategist without knowing how to manage social media.

See more effective strategy:-

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Social media strategy and manager, now once you have enough experience of making social media strategies of managing other people’s social media there will be certain areas where you’ll be an expert at maybe you will become an expert at how to grow organically on Instagram maybe you become an expert on how to use Facebook ads to grow on social media. How to use Facebook ads to get sales on social media.

Social Media Consulting

Social Media Consulting

Now whichever your area of expertise start offering consulting services on the same consulting services basically where someone pays you usually on the hourly basis to talk to you and ask you whatever queries they have regarding that specific area there are different types of consultancies there are specialized consultancies there are general consultancies, and you can start off generally and eventually move on to the area where most people take your consultancies. For me, the majority of my clients take consultancy for YouTube and Instagram, so those are areas where I love offering my services now for me personally the ideas. I specialize in is getting clients on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram. This is what I do for a living to teach people how to make money on these platforms and how to grow their own social media platforms in these areas.

Now you can understand within a year which are the areas where your management is the best which are the areas where your strategy works the best you’ll have a lot of results and people will refer you as well and then you can start offering hourly consultancy services. Ali consulting pays the best this is where I’ve made the most amount of money, and you can start off with just a thousand rupees per hour and increase your rates to up to tens of thousands of rupees per hour. If you are an expert the top experts charge tens of thousands of rupees per hour currently my rate is about 5 000 rupees in Indian rates and about 100 in the international rates. So yes I hope that someday that I’ll get there uh but yes this is where I’m right now I started with just 750 rupees per hour and yes this has been a great journey so what I did personally was let me just break down my journey to you. So that you get a clear picture of how things work for me, I started as a social media manager who offered very basic management services in about 2018.

All right in 2019, I invested in a course and I started doing proper social media management. Okay I learned everything about ads algorithms and everything and that is when I got my first international client um I worked with international clients for over a year very consistently I took a little of a break during my exams of University, and when I returned, and then I realized that with the number of projects I have I cannot afford to offer monthly management services because monthly management services mean that you have to be engaged in your projects on a daily basis and I did not have the time to do that, and currently I’m trying to build an agency so that I can take more of management work, but that’s still a work in progress because of my multiple ventures but yes I knew that I can offer consulting services for sure, so I started making a shift towards consulting services in May 2020 onwards. All right and what happened after that is that I got a lot of clients who are ready to talk to me for an hour or two depending on which platform it is about.

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