9 High Paying Skills That Can Make You Rich | High Income Skills in 2021

If you want to make a lot of money by learning a high-income skill keep watching today’s article. Hey guys its Janamy Swift Tech and on this website I teach you how to start your own service-based business or start freelancing with skills that you may already have, or you can learn pretty quickly to make money with clients all across the globe. So if that interests you make sure that you read the other article on my website but in today’s article, I’m actually going to tell you about a few options that you might have you might realize that you have these skills already or for some of you some of these skills come naturally, or maybe you have some educational background in them.

So without any further ado let’s break down 10 high-income skills in 2021.

Coaching and consulting skills

Coaching and consulting

The first one I want to talk about is coaching and consulting, coaching and consulting industry is huge in the western market but in INDIA also it is gaining momentum with coaching and consulting making lacks per month is not even a big deal because most good quality coaches charge between three to at least 10 000 per hour of consulting, and you could just consult someone for 10 hours or consult multiple people on multiple days, and you could make a lot of money. Note that when you’re starting in coaching or consulting you might not be making thousands per hour but even if it’s just a few hundreds it really adds up pretty quickly if you can be a coach with proven experience in certain fields like fitness writing career etc you will be well paid okay. So if you want to get started with coaching and consulting let me know in a comment below.

I would love to make an article on this if you know me or my website you know that I only talk about things I have the first-hand experience of so coaching and consulting is definitely something I have done, and I would agree on that’s a huge reason why in my agency management is handled by other people but the direct coaching and consulting is always done by me so coming back in coaching and consulting the first step to get started would be thought about what is something you’re really really good at and then do some market research to see if there are coaches offering similar services, and then you can decide if you are capable enough to do it or not some industries do require certification but most of them are pretty easy to acquire, and I’m pretty sure coaching and consulting can be a great choice provided you have the will to teach others and improve others lives.

Content creation skills

Content creation

Now the second-high income skill I want to talk about is content creation you must have seen people go viral each and every day, and you could be the next to be honest getting viral today is not really that big of a deal what really matters more in content creation is actually retaining that audience and monetizing that audience. So you could be an influencer by creating some great content that only you can create, but you will not be making money unless you know how to utilize this audience for getting brand sponsorships to utilize this audience for selling them something that maybe you’ve created may be a digital product, maybe physical product, merchandise etc but regardless of what you’re doing content creation is definitely one of the most rewarding professions today because attention has become the new currency so might as well get used to it now that I’ve given you content creation one other thing that I have experience of I want to talk about a couple of fields which are really high paying that I don’t have experience of, but I do have friends who tell me that it’s really really lucrative.

UI and UX design skills

UI and UX design

So the number one would be UI or UX design so have you ever used an app, or you went to a website, and you found it really hard to navigate yes they probably forgot to hire one, and you could pitch them your service if you are good with design also if you have the additional skill of coding, although my friends do tell me that coding is not necessary, it helps in UI UX design so if you are someone with these skills maybe you should explore these options you could start freelancing, and you could work with multiple people brands and businesses to improve their apps user experience.

Artificial Intelligence AI skills

Artificial Intelligence AI

And yes that is basically what you do and the next field that I recommend is AI or artificial intelligence again I have no first-hand experience of this field, but this industry is growing really fast if you have an interest. In AI if you have a computer science background you know about python, java, c plus et cetera languages this is probably going to be a good field for you once again this is not something I have first-hand experience of, so please do your own research after this article, but it is definitely a high paying skill.

Writing skills skills

Writing skills

Coming back to the skills I have next would be writing okay a lot of you know that I started my freelance journey with just simple writing, writing can pay you really well in two categories business writing copywriting business writing is not something that I’ve done much, but copywriting is basically when you’re writing for sales okay not necessarily sales all the time although most of the time it’s written for sales, a copy is basically any text that is written to get the viewers actions and usually the action is to click the shop now or buy now button, but it can also be to register for a webinar to even simply just engage with a post.

A copy is basically text that converts people all right so in case an ad popped up on your feed, and it told you that oh my god this is the best shades ever, and you need to get it right now that was a copy in case you were watching someone’s video, and they start talking about this product they’ve been using and what kind of problems it solved for them that’s a copy if you were sitting with your parents, and you were watching this colgate ad, and they asked you so basically every text that wants to make you take some kind of action and usually that action will benefit the person who’s advertising.

Yes that is a cop and in case you have not realized it already writing good copy is kind of hard so for example, if I’m giving you this pencil, and I’m asking you to sell it to me, you may not be able to do it you might not be able to whip up a sales page for a pencil right now all right unless you already have the skill of copywriting, but a copywriter will probably look at the pencil they’ll ask me about the features and the benefits of this pencil they’ll ask me about who they are advertising to or who I’m advertising to in this case, and they will whip up a piece of copy an ad or probably a sales page which is about selling this all right and that is what a copywriter does, and it is kind of hard to do now a good copywriter actually is directly responsible for revenue in a lot of ways which is why good businesses want to hire a great copywriter. And if you can be that person who knows not only about writing but also about persuasion and psychology you will make a lot of money and copyrighting is a skill that is not only for your own business but also if you want to go for a job, and you want to get selected you have to tell them why you.

If you are going to get married, and you’re probably going for an arranged marriage you probably have to convince the people why you right so here’s the thing if you know copywriting you’re pretty much sorted for your life, so this is a skill that I really focus on I started learning to copywriting actually after I started marketing not during my content writing days but when I was in marketing, and we had to write ad copies I realized that I cannot just put copy and paste ad copies I need better ad copies to make that convert, so that’s when I started, and I’ve never stopped like copywriting is pretty addictive, and I love it and if you are interested in copywriting I have made quite a few articles on a good copy, so you can check it out.

Marketing skills


This brings me to the next hyping income skill and that is marketing all right very closely related to copywriting, so the copy is usually the text that goes around and inside the marketing pieces and marketing is the overall strategy all right. For example, let’s say a brand has launched a new shampoo all right, so they need to craft a campaign probably on social media on their Facebook page they need to craft campaigns even outside social media, and they have to make a complete strategy of when what is gonna be posted are they going to run any giveaways are they gonna run any ads are they going to do something else to promote the offer are they going to collaborate with other influencers all of this will fall into marketing.

So any kind of buzz that is being created around a brand or a business that is marketing and under that the text part and all of that is done by your copywriter usually frankly speaking a marketeer should have the knowledge of copywriting and a copywriter should have the knowledge of marketing even though they are not supposed to do each other’s jobs because these are so well interlinked all right also in marketing a lot of things are actually interlinked with marketing and marketing you also need to make sure that the designs and everything are okay the copy is okay the strategy is okay, so marketing is quite a heavy job, and I’m so proud to call myself a marketeer. I’m a social media manager and social media marketer, so it’s a small part of digital marketing but still, it is quite a handsome amount of money that I make in case you’re new to this website I do social media marketing, so that’s a small part of digital marketing which is again a part of general marketing but in case you’re interested, you could always start with just one or two platforms that interest you.

I’ve also made an article on this social media marketing thing, so you can also check articles on that on my website.  Furthermore, I’ve literally made articles on a lot of skills on my website, and I’m pretty sure you’ll find something valuable.

Sales skills

Now the next skill that you can learn is sales once again marketing and sales are very closely related. Yet, I have not done direct sales ever except for selling my own services maybe, but sales are one thing that you need to be good at in case you want to make money right and there’s a lot of brands and businesses which hire salespeople sales representatives to talk to their prospects to close deals.

Now I’m not talking about becoming someone at a call center to you know convince prospects or something in this sales career. You usually become a high-quality salesperson or what they call a closer, and you get on calls with people you see big deals that are worth a lot of money all right, and you get a commission out of them usually all right now different brands and businesses have a different model, but the most lucrative one is definitely the commission-based model because let’s say you are selling a product worth five lakhs and your commission percentage is ten per cent you made fifty thousand right there. So usually these salespeople work with high ticket clients or high-quality products or services, and it is kind of hard to get into this industry honestly but once you’re in there’s no going back because when you’re good with sales you are literally set for life now even if you are not going into this industry as a salesperson. I still do recommend knowing more about sales one of my favourite Instagram handles which is about all about sales is called sales with chaos, and it’s excellent on sales advice, so I highly recommend you guys follow this Instagram handle if you don’t know about it already.

Public Speaking skills

Public Speaking

The next high-income skill I want to recommend to you is public speaking. All right now I was pretty shocked when I found this in my research, but then I really realized that public speaking is kind of hard all right so much. So that a majority of people if given a choice between public speaking and dying they’ll die all right, and I’m definitely somewhere in the middle of the two categories because I’m comfortable with public speaking today, but I don’t think I’ll be very comfortable if it’s like in person all right I have done like massive events on zoom and on webinar jam but not in person.

Um, the only time I went to an event where there were like hundreds of people and I had to give a speech it was a debate which was a highly political debate and thankfully the topic that I was speaking on I was speaking for and the judges were actually from the political party that agreed with my point of view but my partner who was supposed to speak against really got the looks um but yes coming back as per my research speakers get paid between 10 000 on the lower end to overlaps in the higher end for each and every event they raise their presence with and yes I think that’s pretty, pretty high paying, but I think this is also one of the skills that will take the hardest or the longest time to master. So I’ve actually made this article from easiest to hardest to master, so I hope that it makes sense to you.

Video production and photography skills

Video production and photography

And in the end, I want to write about this amazing skill that you can learn which is video production and photography. Okay, the world is getting digital all right especially video production and video marketing is going to be the future. Um, two years ago when I joined the marketing industry most people used to say video marketing is the future and then suddenly one day someone said that what are you saying video marketing is the present most of the ads you see most of the content you consume it is in the video format Instagram, Reels, IGTV, YouTube videos the ads that you get on your Facebook feed the majority of the content today. Especially the one that is made for sales and marketing is the video if you’re capable of making beautiful videos that capture someone’s attention and retains it you are going to be an asset to any business and yes those are the skills that I really wanted to write about with you guys.

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