Hi guys Janamy Swift Tech, welcome back to my website. In today’s article, we are gonna be talking about how you can grow your YouTube channel even if you’re starting from scratch is even if you have less than a hundred subscribers you will be able to use these strategies to grow to a hundred or even a thousand subscribers. These are the exact strategies that I used to grow my first YouTube channel Janamy Swift Tech from 0 to 100 K subscriber,  I hope that they will help you.

Competitor analysis


The first thing that you should focus on is competitor analysis that is before you start your YouTube channel and even if you have started your YouTube channel check out the channels that are in your niche no matter what is their audience size be 8000 subscribers or 1 lakh subscribers check out what kind of videos do they make, what kind of videos are in their popular video section, what kind of videos do they usually post on a regular basis, what are the kind of things that their commentators are asking for in the comment section this helps you a lot in number one getting a lot of content ideas. You’ll get an idea about what is the type of content that people don’t want to watch and what is the kind of content people wanna watch.

So let’s say your competitor is in the fitness niche and there are certain topics like how to lose weight in 30 days or 10 weight loss foods that they always make videos about you will get an idea that maybe you should make videos about them to get a certain kind of views. If not like the same amount of views that they are getting obviously since you are just getting started. Next thing is that check out their comment section, if you are starting as a new YouTuber you won’t really have a lot of audiences who will ask for videos from you.

However, checking out your competitor’s comment section will give you an idea about what is the kind of thing that your audience is actually looking for. You can always also use YouTube search but the moment you start typing something in the YouTube search bar let’s say how to have, and it will give you a lot of recommendations about what people are searching to search for the keywords that you want to work on, and you’ll get a lot of recommendations of what people are looking for this is a very very good strategy in order to make videos that people are actually looking for.

The biggest mistake I think most new YouTubers do, and it is legit – because most of us start a YouTube channel because we are passionate about something, but we forget that we have to make sure that our audience is also looking for the same, so I can be as fashion passionate as I am about sitting on comfortable chairs but if I make a video about sitting on comfortable chairs it will probably not do that well. However, there are so many people out there who want to learn about new books their reviews they want to learn about how they can develop their personality they want to learn about how they can improve their English they want to know about how they can make money online and these are the niches these are the type of videos that I make. So that I can attract these people and build a relationship with them. If you want to grow your YouTube channel your audience that you want to attract should be your first priority now that doesn’t mean that I am saying that if you’re not passionate about fashion you make fashion related videos but rather if you’re passionate about something find out what is the closest round at which you can meet your next subscriber and that will give you a lot of idea about what kind of video that you should make on your channel to actually gain views.

Keyword analysis


So that number two would be to make sure that you are doing some keyword analysis before making a video. Some of the best tools to find out keywords that people are searching for or what are people looking for is a keyword research tool and stupidly keyword research tool is the one that I love the best, but Tube buddy is very very good if you are working as a professional YouTuber. Now when you get these you will get a lot of idea about what are people searching for how much are they searching for it and what is the monthly competition for that search term.

Keep up with the trends

Keep up with the trends

The next thing that I’ll advise is keep up with the trends. If your whole community is doing something for example in the fitness community challenges fitness challenges 30-day fitness challenges are a big thing in the cooking community two-ingredient recipes or making a cake without using flours became a very very big trend recently also dalgona coffee who doesn’t know about that so keep up with the trends of your niche. You’ll be up with your niche only when you follow a lot of people from your niche so make sure you are doing that these trends are the best ways to actually gain a lot of views on your channel. You can also make controversial content or something that has a lot of opinions coming on if you all want to attract a lot of viewers.

However, that is not advisable always, but sometimes it does attract people if you have a point to be if the point is backed by logic you should definitely do that. Don’t do it just for the sake of it for example I started in the reading niche was never that popular but the moment I made a video on why I hate Jason for his work since Nathan because he’s a big name and there are a lot of people who hate and love Jason progress. So many people came in, and they watched that video and I gained a lot of people who are lovers and haters of Chase them however either if they were lover they loved us they got convinced, and they stayed with me and got better book recommendations. Some of them didn’t like the video obviously, but I got a lot of people who also hated Jason McGorry, and now they are following me because of that shared love or shared hatred, and you know this happened within a span of two to three months.  So you need to be consistent that you can actually put out such videos I made at least a hundred videos.

Post Consistently

Post Consistently youtube video

Now the big reason was that I was not doing it strategically I was posting anything and everything that I wanted to post about, so you are not making that mistake I hope that you’ll have faster success. I’ll say you should post at least fifteen to twenty videos before actually deciding if YouTube is not is or is not gonna work for you if even after fifteen to twenty videos you don’t have a single video that has cost across thousands of views then you might be doing something wrong. However, before 15 to 20 videos it is always too early to say something on YouTube because there can be that one video that skyrockets the growth of your channel and there can be that one video that totally changes the game for you so always be consistent post regularly post every week the moment you start gaining viewers the moment you start gaining comments to interact with these people not sure these relationships. If you don’t reply back to ten or twenty people who are watching your video right now how the hell are you expecting that someday 10,000 people are going to watch you. Okay, the first few people to watch you the first few people to comment on your videos are your most lawyer are usually gonna be your most loyal subscribers okay because they are with you when no one even knows about you so nurture these relationships ask for their help ask them to share if you have a better good relationship over you know a few weeks, so this comment section is also a very very crucial part of growing any YouTube channel.

Know and Nurture your audiences

Know and Nurture your audiences

One of my biggest strategies is using the comments to interact with people because number one it helps me know who my audiences, I get to know what their problem is, I get to know what they’re looking for, and I also get to know if I’m lacking somewhere if I have made certain mistakes if there are certain things I have to improve if you are taking recommendations if you are engaging in your community is gonna fall in love with you the best thing about YouTube which is why YouTube is so popular is that anyone on YouTube is much more relatable than someone on the TV or someone on the big screen these are people who are just like you. We are relatable you can relate with me better that’s why that is probably why you’re watching me also YouTubers make you feel good about yourself because they talk on a very relatable level compared to celebs who always talk about expensive things and things that are basically things that we have never experienced. So if you are engaging with the community in comments and nurturing the relationships and being your real authentic self your community is gonna love you and that love is only going to increase day after day month after month until you get to your first thousand subscribers so all these make sure that if you’re using the comments section to grow relationships.

Leave CTA – Call to Action

Well some strategies would be to mention in the video that makes sure you leave a comment if you have done this or if you’re feeling sick so whenever I feel sick or something I ask my community to advise me on what I should do this makes them help me I also get some really great tips from my community. I was suffering from a lot of headaches and someone commented with a remedy, and it works so well this helps me build a relationship, so you can mention something inside the video that helps a lot you can also leave a pink comment on in the comment section just comment something and click on the three dots next to it there will be a pin button pin a comment that is probably a question like how are you guys doing, but something related to the video this also prompts them to leave a comment. Okay, that is a great way another thing to grow a community on YouTube is growing on Instagram and Facebook as well. Build relationships with like-minded people on Facebook Instagram and then redirect them to your YouTube channel.

Redirecting Exciting Traffic

Redirecting Exciting Traffic

Another quick strategy would be organizing giveaways when you reach certain milestones. So let’s say when you are reaching certain goals you are giving away let’s say a hundred rupee gift card or a little product related to your needs or anything that you want if you are a service-based entrepreneur or a freelancer you can also offer this bit of your service to someone who might need it now there are many things that you can do to grow a channel, but these are my top tips if you are growing your channel from scratch building your community making video centered around the topics that they are looking for and making sure that you are doing a little of growth tricks by doing these giveaways and redirecting traffic from other resources to your channel.

I love YouTube so much because YouTube has given me so many opportunities number one I have got a community of lakhs of people who know me who know my name and thousands of people who watch my videos every day, and they are basically my powerhouse every time I’m down they are supporting me if you have a YouTube channel you grow a big impact and that is valued much more valuable than the money you made. Why because these are real people who love you who encourage you and who will be there for you no matter what they love you unconditionally the next thing that YouTube has given me is a lot of leads for my business I run two businesses.

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