How to Batch Content (Beginner Batching Tips)

Here’s a few tips on how to batch content, which will save you time & make the content creation process much easier!

Let’s talk batching content because I had it all wrong this is especially important because we are in the middle of a 30-day challenge right now where I am attempting to post one new website content every day for 30 days, and it would be quite stressful without the element of batching, so I thought I would walk you through how to do it the right way and talk about the biggest mistake I made when attempting to batch.

What does batching means?

So I knew about the concept of batching basically batching means that you sit down, and you do the same activity all in one go, so you’re not context switching, and you’re making the most of when you do get inflow for that specific activity where I went wrong with this. I would have batch days, but I had batch days to create content and I would attempt to tackle the entire process of creating a video, so I would attempt to come up with the content idea to write it and film it all in one day, so really the issue there is that I was context switching a bunch in between different activity types. So instead now what I do is I’ve set specific days for each of those activities so rather than trying to do multiple contents from start to finish all in one day what I do now is having specific days for each different activity. For example, I’ll sit down and decide that I’m going to come up with contents ideas, and I’m going to spend a few hours just focused on that and that is the only activity that I’m going to attempt for that day.

Then the next day is going to be my writing day when I sit down and script all of my contents then I’ll have a filming day when all I need to do is sit down refer back to those scripts and do my filming, so I found this the most optimal way of doing it, and it’s really made creating content a lot less stressful. I think the biggest reason why is it allowing you to get in flow for that specific activity and stay focused on that it was too much pressure when I was trying to cram all of it into one day. I would highly recommend giving this a try so have an idea’s day a writing day a filming day then depending on how much you do after the filming you might need to have a graphics day and then a scheduling day when you’re scheduling all of your different content to go out not only is this going to help reduce stress, but it’s also going to save you time for example when you sit down to film, of course, there’s some work that goes in ahead of this I have to do my hair makeup get dressed into real clothes and not just stay working in my pajamas right so all of those steps ideally you just do once, and then you take advantage of that time that you spent doing your hair and makeup, and your film as many contents as you possibly can.

So let’s talk quantity now I think it really depends on where you’re at in your content creation process how experienced you are with it at first I found batching really difficult and quite tiring. Really I could just do like two videos at a time. Now I can go up to four, and I’m pretty happy with that on an excellent day I could do six um but yeah it’s something that we can build up to even if you can’t do the film you can’t do that many on the filming day I do think that you’ll find the ideal day and the writing day a lot easier to do.  I’ve actually themed out my days for myself in Asana so that I know that Tuesdays are my writing day and Wednesday are my creation days. When I’m doing any filming that I have to do so this has been really helpful to actually set it in my schedule, so I know what I need to do in terms of the idea creation that’s not a full day, but you can block that off and know when you’re going to do that each week.

I highly recommend that you give this a try and that you theme your days or time block activities altogether in one, and you’ll be able to do more and more as you go, but the real benefit here is then you know that your content is taken care of, and you’re not worried about it every single day or every single week. Really we want to get ahead of ourselves as much as possible, so we’re not creating our content last minute and then, therefore, we can do it in a more creative less stressed way.

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