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What’s going on guys Janamy Swift Tech here and in this article We gonna show you two methods that you can use to make money by watching videos in 2021 that you can do super easily and get paid fast, and I thought this would be the perfect writing topic for today.

I said I’m going to be showing you two different methods in this video but if you don’t like either of those methods that’s okay because at the end of this article I’m showing you a bonus method that you can use to make even more money online and with that being said just make sure to smash the like button and let’s get into the article.

Make money watching videos on Swagbucks

Make money watching videos on Swagbucks

Alright, so let’s just hop straight into the first method you can use to make money by just watching videos and that method is Swagbucks and the first nice thing I gotta mention Swagbucks is if you don’t have a computer they do have a phone app that’s super easy to use, so you can definitely still do this method if you only have a cell phone and if you’ve never used Swagbucks or heard of Swagbucks before.

How Swagbucks works?

How it works is you basically do different tasks, and you earn points, and then you can trade in those points for PayPal money or gift cards and as you can see I have points on here right. I personally use swagbucks and I can vouch for them, but I know there’s still going to be those people who just think anything on the internet is a scam or doesn’t work and those same people probably think that those points are fake, and they aren’t, and after I finish showing you how this works, and before I show you the second method I’ll make sure that I redeem some of my points live on this article.

How to earn Swagbucks points?

How to earn Swagbucks points?

So I can show you that swagbucks is 100 legit, but before we do that another nice thing about swagbucks is there are a ton of ways to earn points obviously you can watch videos which I’ll show you how to do in just a minute but a few other ways you can earn points which you may want to do or may not, whatever, but the first way you can refer your friends and family and you each get a free three dollars so if you want to use my referral not required, but you can use the link below, and you’ll get a free three dollars as long as you, I think it’s 300 points you have to earn so then, of course, you can do surveys which aren’t great but decent.

Uh you can actually buy stuff like in real life so if you go to the grocery store or whatever you can redeem some stuff on your receipts and get paid, so you’re making money back on stuff you’re already buying right, so that’s cool, and then you can actually see like special offers here and then down at the bottom you can play games and I personally love that, and they pay a lot like 4 000 that’s 40 right, so that’s crazy because 100 points 100 Sb is one dollar. yeah so a ton of different ways, and again you can shop and earn get cash back but if we go up here, and you can do the different ways to earn your Sb but if you want to watch you go to watch and then you just click on any of the topics you want to watch, and literally it’s just that simple you hit discover content. It redirects you, and then you just watch it you don’t even have to have the volume on or anything and then if you see right here it’s at 24 seconds but if we go back it starts counting down again so you gotta have this open but if you have like two tabs open so if we go like this you can see it still works okay, so you just have to make sure this is actually plain for this to count down, so that’s a cool little tips you could have two different things open and actually still get paid and then after it counts down you just hit next page, and then it actually glitched out here you can see it’s counting down, and it’s not actually doing it.

Redeem Sb

how to Redeem Sb

This is the last step, and I’ll show you after I finish this then it’s going to get added to my swag box, and you can say thank you for discovering content you earn 2sb, so I’m going to close out of this go back to Swagbucks, and you can see if we go to activity right there you can see right there it got added, and you can see I have 33.98 okay so 33.98 is what I have and again tons of ways to earn, but I think you get the idea but now like I said I’m going to show you how to redeem Sb okay so once you have some points you can go right here redeem Sb all right the nice thing is the first gift card you get. I think it’s once a month you can get a sale on it, I don’t think they give sales on PayPal, but they do give it on Amazon and on visa rewards basically the same thing in my opinion but so right here 25 gift cards from Amazon for 2200 Sb so 25 for 22. So click right here to claim your gift card. You just hit confirm and then answer your security question and then there you go you just verified your gift card, and then I’ll just check my email, and you can see right here your order has been verified okay, and it says five business days here, but I’ve never had it take more than a day honestly, and it depends on how big of the gift card it is like the 25 gift card usually is like an hour at most but a 50 gift card. I’ve got before did take like two days so just know that it depends on the amount and for all the naysayers out there you can now see that this is 100 legit.

How much money you can earn from Swagbucks?

How much money you can earn from Swagbucks?

Now method number two it’s actually pretty insane how much money you can earn in such a short amount of time on this website.  This is actually on a website called Coinbase and Coinbase also has a phone app which is usually what I use I’m just showing this for the tutorial, so you’re in luck if that’s all you have, but this is actually a place where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency but because so many people just don’t understand what crypto is they have a spot in here where you can actually earn money watching videos about cryptocurrency and when I say money you’re getting paid in crypto, so that money could go way more up and not only are you going to be earning money for free you’re actually learning valuable information.

So it’s a win-win and as you can see right here you can earn one dollar in one minute just from that one video and that’s what sixty dollars an hour right here two dollars for two minutes, so you’re getting paid pretty much a dollar a minute which is insane and as you can see on the website. I just went all the way down to earn rewards right here but if you’re on your phone you scroll down and go to rewards, and you’ll end up basically on the same page it might look a little different, but that’s how you do it if you’re just on a phone, but before you can actually start earning this crypto you have to create an account and similar to swagbucks there’s a signup bonus.

If you use my referral link and the signup bonus with Coinbase is actually 10 and all you have to do is buy or sell a hundred dollars worth of crypto so whether you watch videos and end up with a hundred and sell that or you end up depositing money and looking at it as a long-term investment which I do believe crypto and stocks are so whichever way you want to do it or just don’t use my referral link doesn’t make a difference, but it’s basically free money totally up to you. But now like I said after you’ve created your account you go down here to earn rewards, and you just click here to watch the video so just make sure you’re paying attention to what they’re saying here okay it’s not like an actual video. I guess I’ve never actually done this myself, but it’s kind of like a slideshow right, so it’s kind of like a video I suppose because then, after all, this you go over here and then who submits predictions to numeral right.

How does cryptocurrency work?

You got to pick the answer all right so just make sure you’re looking for the answers in here, and then you answer it properly, and you get the money to your Coinbase wallet it’s that simple, and then you can buy or sell or send and receive so how crypto works is you send to like people’s digital wallet, so it’s just like a string of numbers or letters or whatever, so that’s how you would send it, or you could just buy and sell it on Coinbase and then get cashback.

However, you want to do it totally up to you but yeah if you are interested in this method or just looking into investing in cryptocurrency because I do believe it is the future they may not all be the future but some of them are going to be a huge part of our lives in the future. If that is of interest to you, and you like free money definitely.

Bonus Earning method (Change your life)

But now I told you at the end of this article would show you a bonus method if you didn’t like either of these methods, and you can simply just click the first link down below and that’s truly the program that that changed my life it’s the affiliate program.

I promote it’s the program that taught me everything I know when I say it changed my life. I don’t mean that lightly, and you can get started for just seven dollars so if you have no money at all you can keep making excuses for why you can’t do this or that, or you can watch some videos make seven bucks go buy that program and get started learning from real people who have done what you want to do and in just my second year of business because of that program I’ve made over six figures and that’s during a global pandemic. So if I can do it you can do it you just have to want to do it so if you do want it definitely click that link because it could change your life too.

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