Minecraft, But Every Mob Looks Like A Pig


This is a Minecraft 1.16 mod that makes all hordes look like pigs. This made the game significantly more insane on the grounds that we never understood what crowd we were managing. This was truly amusing and made even the most straightforward errands like getting food hazardous. I truly love doing these kinds of fun difficulties with my companions!

Minecraft Mobs

In Minecraft, crowds are creatures and beasts that meander the planet. The language horde is otherwise to mention “portable” which demonstrates that these animals can proceed onward their own, dissimilar to dull things that ought to be put, like squares of mineral. Hordes are a big piece of the sport as these animals are often murdered for experience focuses, cultivated for assets, or maybe restrained as amicable pets. There are three styles of crowds in Minecraft:

Tame: Docile hordes are quiet and won’t assault you. These hordes are ordinarily livestock, will flee whenever assaulted, and may commonly duplicate.

Unbiased: Neutral crowds won’t assault you except if evoked; within the event that you simply let these animals be, they’ll pay.

Unfriendly (otherwise called Monsters): Hostile crowds will assault you without being incited. Players should overcome these crowds or try to maintain a strategic distance from a showdown by remaining secluded from beasts.


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