YouTube SEO Tips and Tricks 2022

YouTube SEO Tips and Tricks: We’ve already mentioned that YouTube has an SEO leg up on every other video hosting platform because of its ties with Google leverages. YouTube in the SERP giving it automatic SEO prioritization over other hosting and social sites, but there are some tips to help your videos rank higher than your competitors content.

YouTube SEO Keyword research

Any SEO work requires a certain amount of keyword research you can always type the desired keyword into google and see what pops up, but there are other keyword tools likes by Spyfu that make this process a lot quicker and easier real quick. I’m gonna go to and type in a keyword any keyword right away we see how popular this keyword is and get a full list of keyword suggestions that might be better or more popular find the keyword or keywords that you want to focus on and be sure to include them in your video post.

YouTube tags SEO

It only takes a second to add relevant tags to your videos YouTube SEO allows you to add as many tags as you want, but it’s generally recommended to keep it between five and eight relevant tags consider adding your targeted keyword here as well as a tag and maybe include those similar keywords here this will help cast a wider net for a potential audience.

Optimize YouTube title

Think of your YouTube title the same way as you think of an h1 in a blog post you want to catch the viewer’s attention and convince them to click you also want to include your targeted keyword in the title, so it’s more weighted in the SERP make sure the title clearly states what the viewer should expect when they click for example a lot of people come to YouTube SEO looking for answers like how to change the oil in my Honda Civic so if you’re creating content to answer that specific question be sure to put it clearly in the title of your video that way the viewer knows exactly what they’re getting when they click on your content.

Encourage Interaction

Google loves engagement and rewards content creators who have an active audience other than the number of views a video has likes and comments are the best way for Google to know how well your video is doing and the best way for them to know how well a channel is doing is by how many subscribers it has.

Includes Links In the descriptions

This is frequently overlooked, but the description is one of the few places that YouTube SEO allows you to include external links so take advantage of this as much as you can be sure to include a link to your homepage or a product page in the description or if the video is just a part of a larger piece of a content link to that blog post an easy starting point is to copy and paste links to your social networks and put them in all of your descriptions.

Include YouTube Text and Closed Caption

A lot of people watch online videos as silent for a variety of reasons if your videos are mostly dialogue like a lot of spyfu videos are your editor can overlay text onto the video itself this highlights the key points of what’s being said you also have the option of uploading an SRT file which is a text file of closed captions you can create this file yourself or outsource it to a business that specifically focuses on closed captioning.

YouTube Video Chapters

I’m not actually sure if this helps youtube SEO but as long as we’re in here let’s talk about a lesser known feature of YouTube and that is adding chapters to your video in the description you can include timestamps to different parts of your video and even title them when clicked to the viewer will jump to that particular part of the video but in order to have those timestamps translate into actual chapters you have to add a zero colon zero timestamp at the very beginning this. Lets YouTube SEO know that your intention is to have these timestamps titled and separated as chapters making it easier for the user to click on the part of the video that they want to watch or re-watch remember that if you have an existing channel and haven’t done these best practices, yet you can go back at any time and edit the title the description etc and not affect the actual video itself though google tends to favour newer content. It never hurts to optimize your older stuff you might be surprised when a three-year-old video gets a surge in popularity and this optimization can only help encourage that like and subscribe.


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