What Makes You More Money – Copywriting or Content Writing?

What can make you more money content writing or copywriting or both keep on reading this article to find out. Hey guys it’s Md Jalal Uddin from Janamy Swift Tech your friend who helps you make more money on your own terms and in today’s article we are going to be discussing which form of writing can make you the most amount of money just note that more money does not equal more happiness.

I never talk about things without first-hand experience and both contents and copywriting are fields where I have worked in I have a lot of friends who have worked in I started my journey as a content writer when I was 15 years old and, I resumed it at 17 because I had to take a boat take a break for my birth, and then I was a content writer for almost three years and then I moved on to marketing because I wanted to upskill myself, and it was in marketing that I learned copywriting, but there’s a lot of people who learn content writing with copywriting because these two skill sets actually go hand in hand. So I have had experience in these fields for quite a lot of years now, and I can tell you something I have a lot of friends who moved on from content to copywriting because so on the surface level copywriting does pay you more money, but I also have a lot of friends who did not go for copywriting because copywriting is kind of dependent on how good you are as a writer who is capable of getting results so if you are not capable of getting results if your strategies don’t work then copy may not be a good choice for you.

Even though it is more money in that case you must stick to content writing that is literally the gist of this article don’t want to waste your time, but I still want you to read this article till the end because you will not get a full idea, or you wouldn’t get the big picture of the industries unless you take my knowledge in this quick 10-minute reading time can assure you. If you read this article till the end you will get a lot of idea about both these industries and which one should you choose for yourself as a bonus. If you stay here till the end you will get a link to a resource that is definitely gonna make you a lot more money than you’re making right now so keep on reading.

Both content and copywriting is a form of writing

Now let’s first discuss what is content writing what is copywriting and where do these two meet both content and copywriting is a form of writing the core difference being that content writing is more informative. It’s more engaging, and it is usually written to educate or entertain someone and bring them to websites social media etc platforms as traffic on the other hand copy is written with some kind of strategy to make this person who has come as traffic take some action to explain in very simple words when you’re watching a YouTube video from your favorite creator, and they are telling you about five things they bought from their local mall that is usually content but if they say stuff like buy this from the link in the description, and they are asking you to take some sort of action and maybe that is their affiliate link that is a copy because that is going to benefit them um more often than not in a financial manner um, but it can also be like some sort of free registration etc. Another great example will be letting’s say you have a party to attend, and you are searching for 10 things to wear at a party and google suggested you a blog post of 10 things that you can wear when you’re reading that article is usually content because it’s suggesting new stuff but let’s say that article is posted on the website of a fashion store, and they are asking you to buy that dress from their fashion store, so click here buy this dress right now that kind of stuff is usually copyrighted. So yes I hope that paints a picture for you so to explain even more simply the first three Instagram posts that you see on your feed from creators or influencers or friends you may follow is usually content but the third post or the fourth post where you see the advertisement for something that you might have been checking out recently and the post is saying buy this now that is copy my friend and a copy is actually hard to write, so businesses invest in good copywriters so that they can get them sales.

Copywriting Importance

Why is copywriting according to me more important than content writing well traffic is relatively easier to drive all right it is easy to drive traffic just by running ads or making some sort of trendy viral content but taking this traffic and converting this traffic into clients or customers is hard okay, so content writers do the first part of this and copywriters make these leads into clients and that this part is actually very hard converting the person into a buyer. That’s why if you are capable of making someone buy your product or your client’s product then you become an invaluable asset to the whole world to be honest because persuading someone to buy is the biggest skill in this world and when you do that in writing that is basically copywriting. So I hope that makes sense to you why copywriting I feel is more important than content writing, but both do go hand in hand I’ll give you a quick example I have worked mainly in the coaching and learning industry and I once worked with the health and fitness coach now this health and fitness coach had a program of about five thousand dollars all right which is a lot right now this person, first of all, needs to have a lot of free content available.

It’s very unlikely that someone will just land on their sales page and buy a 5 000 course or a product without even checking their social proof, so they’ll probably check out their free content on YouTube on their blog on their social media etc. So for these platforms they need a content writer to create this because they have their own business of health coaching right they cannot be expected to also write the content and create the content, so they will probably hire a content writer to do that content for them so this content is going to not only act as social proof but also drive more traffic to this health coach’s website or social media. So that she can make the sales now when these people are finding out about her expertise in health coaching when these people are finding out about how good she is in certain areas of health and fitness. They will probably be intent on learning more from her. Especially if they are intent on learning more about fitness and in this at this point she can present them with her offer of this five thousand dollar course now people may love this coach they may love their free product, but people don’t buy something worth five thousand dollars just by reading a few lines right they need to read a lot about whom this coach is what does she exactly help people with like you may love this coach but let’s say this coach helps you lose weight, and you actually want to gain weight then there’s gonna be a contradiction right, so you will be reading this offer you’ll also be probably willing to read about other people who have already worked with this coach because it’s a huge investment.

You may also want to know about what the refund policies are like if there are any you may also want to know about what’s the technique in which this coach works different coaches have different techniques let’s say this coach has more of a nutrition-focused technique, and you don’t really want to do that you are more into workouts then this may not be a good fit for you, so she has to communicate all these things in her landing page as her sales copy all right. I’ll give an example right here so that you get an idea of what it may look like, but this is actually copy and not everyone can write good copy all right that’s what this is why copywriters are hired not to write an uncertain number of words but rather to create sales for the product or the service they are writing for and here a conflict arises because most often content writers are paid on the number of words they write, but copywriters are paid on what is the effect of the words they write.

In fact, top copywriters often don’t charge for their words but rather a base fee plus a percentage of the income they will get for or rather their client will get using their copy. I’ll give you a quick example that will illustrate why copywriters are so important to let’s say your website gets about 1000 visitors every month okay that’s a very practical number and out of those thousand people 10 people buy your 10 000 rupee product that means you’re making one lakh every month from your current visitors. If you are investing in a copywriter, and they give you a very good piece of copy it’s very likely that instead of one person conversion you might get two or three-person conversion that basically means instead of 10 people buying. You might get 20 or 30 people buying that will mean your income will skyrocket to two or three lakhs instead of just one lakh you just doubled or tripled your income and this is very common in fact in many campaigns we tried out different variations of copy and some didn’t convert at all while others got so many leads and conversions that it was crazy all right.So testing is the way to go, so this is why copy is really important because it may directly result in someone making much more money with the same amount of traffic all right, so this is the basic importance of copy now how do you write good copy how do you persuade people to buy your stuff how do you get clients who will be happy to buy your copywriting services how do you even get results for those clients because remember copy is very results-focused.

Well, I’ll be covering all of this in my next master class I’m going to be talking about copywriting frameworks that professional copywriters will be hiding from you. I’m going to tell you how to get clients how to apply to clients I’m also going to give you done-for-you headlines and templates that are going to make your life so much easier in your journey of freelancing or copywriting now whether you want to be a copywriter or you’re already a content writer, and you want to upscale, or maybe you are in any other freelance niche and want to see what copywriting is all about I highly suggest you check my masterclass out I’m I’ve literally put in all the knowledge that I’ve gained in copywriting for the last two years into this master class. I can assure you that the moment you enter this master class and the moment you leave this master class these three hours will make a huge difference in your life that is the level of confidence. I know what is the kind of value I deliver so yes grab your seat now and let’s come back to our conversation of content and copy now that I’ve told you the importance of copy I need to also tell you about the importance of content itself all right so content and copy can not exist in isolation they actually perform the best together.

If there’s a business that only has a copy that is basically a sales page and all they are doing is say bye bye bye my product. I don’t think anyone is going to buy right but if a business has only content that they are just sharing free on information, and they have nothing to sell they are not trying to sell at all then they may not be making any money because no one knows about their offer itself, so no business can work only with content because then they can’t make sales or only with copy because then people may not trust them right, so any good business needs both contents and copy if you see me this YouTube channel is my content but whenever I’m pitching in my own products my own services my own marketing agency those things are copying. Yes I hope that you’ve got a clear idea of what is content and copy content and copy is all around us anyone can be creating either just that in the content you need research and writing skills in a copy you also need strategy and power of persuasion all right.

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