What Does FYP Mean On TikTok?

The “For You Page” #FYP  appears when you open the video-sharing app TikTok. Immense TikTokers shared videos using this hashtag #FYP to getting more views and folloers.

Hey guys this is Janamy Swift Tech and this is getting savvy with social I want to talk about #FYP and show you what does FYP mean.  If you’re on TikTok you have probably seen hashtag FYP all over, and I’m going to tell you what it means FYP.

What Does FYP Mean On TikTok?

FYP what does it mean the more time I spend on TikTok the more I find it’s kind of use not just entertaining. It’s how I decided to curl my hair today I watched this video, and I was like I gotta try it and I did and it worked. So the more I’m on TikTok the more I’m seeing FYP hashtag FYP, and I was wondering what is this why is everyone using it what does it mean so here’s what FYP means you click TikTok and you open it up on the TikTok landing page and this is the for your section of TikTok it actually says for you at the top on it now what that means is that for you is gonna default to anyone who opens the TikTok app it’s their landing page, so TikTok is showing you these videos for you.


It’s recommendations that it’s gonna think you like now the idea to hashtag FYP hashtag for you hashtag for your page you got the idea is that it’s gonna ask TikTok hey TikTok I’m hashtagging this I want it to be for you, I want it on that page and that TikTok will then share it to other peoples main landing page, so the idea is that you’re gonna get more views by using this hashtag FYP.

The TikTok will then put it on people’s landing page, so that’s why you’re probably seeing it all over TikTok it’s to get those views now you don’t have to do just hashtag FYP or hashtag for you, you can also do other things like hashtag FYP challenge just go into the app and search around and see what’s being used, and you can mix new hashtags depending on what type of content you want to use now you know that’s what FYP means.

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