How to Setup DNS on Any Android Phone

What’s up everybody it’s Md Jalal Uddin here from Janamy Swift Tech. In this article, I’m gonna show you guys how to set up the DNS in your Android phone in three different ways. So whichever works for you just use that method.

DNS setup for Android 9,10,11

private dns setup
Private DNS setup

Let’s start with the first and the best method DNS set up for Android 9,10,11. This method requires you to have an Android 9 or above, so I have an Android 10. If you have Android 9 you can also use this method if you don’t have an Android 9, 10 or 11, and if you have below Android 9 then just wait for the next option. So this is for the Android 9 or Android 10, 11 you know just above Android 9 you got it hopefully you got it so go to the settings and once you go into the settings go to Wi-Fi and Internet and after that, you will see private DNS option so here you can click on it, and you may see by default it will be turned off. So to use your desired DNS server what you have to do is click on the third option private DNS provider hostname just click on that and here it will be empty.

How to setup Cloudflare DNS

How to set up Cloudflare DNS

I use Cloudflare DNS as you can see it says here to enter the hostname of DNS provider so how do we know that for that we can go to Google and search for like DNS hostname for your desired DNS that you want to use so for example you can search on Google DNS hostname and go to the official site, and it will show you the full tutorial on how to use it, it will also show you for all devices just scroll down and try to find android tutorials as you can see I have found the Android tutorial here, so this is the hostname DNS address for the Google DNS dot. Go for it If you want to use this you can use that.

As I said I use Cloudflare DNS because Cloudflare DNS is much faster than the Google DNS at least for me, so I have to use this so the Cloudflare DNS hostname address is this Cloudflare DNS com, so I can copy this okay I can go back and here I can just paste that save and once it gets connected it will show you the DNS name here. If there is a problem it will show you can’t connect, so this is how you use DNS in your Android phone if we have the Android nine or Android ten or any newer version of android but if we have an Android eight or below by this won’t work because this option is not available on older Android versions but if you have Android nine or above this is the most effective way to use DNS in Android so using this method it will not only affect your Wi-Fi it will also affect your mobile data, so you don’t have to go into this you know the separate setting of Wi-Fi or mobile data and enter the DNS it just works in your entire device you just do it once, and it will work, so this is the best method and I hope most of the people already have gotten the Android 9, 10 or 11 updates.

Android 8 or below

Android 8 or below
DNS changer app

Now let’s move on to the second method which is for people who have an Android 8 or below. So for that we can use a DNS changer application, so it works with the mobile data and Wi-Fi and all that ok and just downloads this I will put a link here you can go there download this, or you can do the search on the Google Play Store DNS changer you can just open it up like that, and it’s free obviously okay and here you can select your DNS provider you can choose the DNS from this list, or you can also enter your own custom DNS if you want. So let’s say you want to use the Google DNS you select that and after that head start, and it will ask you to you know for permission to set this application as a VPN, and it will say connected, and you can see here it is connected to Google DNS, okay and the only downside of using this is that first this is not a VPN, but it acts as a VPN because we don’t have an option in older Android to set up a DNS, so we have to use these kind applications to change the DNS of our entire device.

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