Clash of Clans Update: Hammer Jam is BACK!

The Clash of Clans Hammer Jam is BACK!  Spring 2021 update is in transit! We do not have any solid subtleties, delivery date or such sneak looks however Supercell did simply declare the arrival of the Hammer Jam occasion.

For those new, Hammer Jam is an occurrence that normally shows up ahead of an update. The occasion parts the prices of building updates, lowing the expense or time by half During this occasion, Home Village building costs are being diminished by half. It allows players to revamp their structures before the most significant update of the year, which Supercell says is “not far off!”

The declaration of Hammer Jam was joined by a blinding Clash of Clans melodic that has effectively started being analyzed by the local area. There’s a theory that one specific second recommends government building 14 is coming which’ll have a green quality (at 0:31). This can be without delay being bantered within the game’s Subreddit.

I had recently felt that government building 14 wouldn’t show up until the Summer update, however, the arrival of Hammer Jam makes them question that at this time. Why permit players to revamp their structures except if it isn’t in anticipation of another government building which is able to include additional structure overhauls?

Ideally, we’ll have answers soon. Since Supercell has affirmed the new update, it presumably won’t be before they begin on the sneak looks. Within the event that another government building is presented, it’ll be intriguing to test whether it adds any new mechanics to the house Village.

In 2019’s December update, the presentation of government building 13 brought the connected Giga Inferno. The mark safeguard for the government building acts comparably to a multi-mode Inferno Tower, managing harm after it slow to numerous adversaries. The Giga Inferno additionally features a fall to pieces instrument once TH13 gets obliterated.

Accepting the sneak looks start soon (tomorrow, perhaps?), we are able to presumably expect the Clash of Clans Spring 2021 update to point out up at some point one week from now. As usual, we’ll keep you refreshed with any new declarations or sneak look uncovers.

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