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Do you have an ebook or other digital products that you want to sell on Instagram? Well, today I’m going to give you some tips to help you increase your exposure, so you can increase those sales stay tuned. What’s up you all welcome or welcome back to the Janamy Swift Tech. If you’re new around here, so today I wanted to get into using Instagram for the promotion of your products. I have an eBook that most of you know about that has been doing really well recently on Instagram. Now I used to didn’t use Instagram so much for marketing of my business or for my products and I started to do it very consistently over the last 30 days and my sales have doubled, and so I want to kind of take you into some of the things that I have done or ideas that I have for you that may work in order to increase those sales.

How to showcase an eBook content on your profile

The first thing you have to do is showcase your expertise this is creating content around whatever it is that you’re trying to sell. If you’re trying to sell me your eBook about how to budget my money you need to show me that you know how to budget money in the first place so that I’m interested in this product that you’re selling through creating expert content. This allows you to draw in your customer to be interested in you as an expert in that topic and when they become interested in you as an expert in that topic they start to Wonder. How can I support this person how can I learn from them what do they have for me to purchase thus making them want to buy from you then you have to engage with your target audience who is it that you want to purchase this product to begin to engage with them.

If they’re commenting on your posts make sure that you’re commenting back there is nothing more annoying to me than to see someone who has people commenting on their posts, and they’re not commenting back now listen the exception is if you have a really, really large audience I know that the comments can get really out of control when you have a lot of people following you, or you have a post or something that’s going viral and people are just commenting left and right but if you just have your regular account and people are commenting make sure that you’re commenting back to them, you’re answering their questions you know make sure that you’re engaging with them in other communities make sure that you’re engaging with other experts in your niche as well engaging with their audience and just truly immersing yourself into the community because the more you do that the more people will see you as an expert in that topic they will come over to see what you have to offer thus increasing the sale of your digital products.

What is an eBook?  How to make an ebook? Selling ebooks

How to get found on Instagram by your ideal customer

Next master hashtags listen I don’t know if you know this, but hashtags are still a thing on Instagram when you begin to master those hashtags and know which ones to use people organically find you that way I don’t know if you know, but Instagram has the ability for people to follow hashtags. I actually follow a few of them myself and so when people are following hashtags, or they’re searching on a certain topic, and you come up in that hashtag people begin to check you out and when they check out your profile, and they see that you’re talking about a topic that they’re interested in you can not only build your followers but also increase your sales as well when I was starting to try to figure out how to grow my Instagram platform and really just you know bump things up over there.

I actually bought a digital product from someone that I had just discovered that day it was really inexpensive, and I figured hey why not you know it’s just a couple of dollars let me go ahead and see because I saw that she was growing her page really, really fast and her engagement was superb, so I figured hey why not let me spend these couple dollars to try to figure out how to do this thing, and it totally paid off, and obviously I follow her now and engage with her now, but I found her through a hashtag to be quite honest so don’t discount mastering those hashtags and trying to figure out the ones that are going to work really well for your profile and for your niche because believe it or not people actually do find you that way, and you can increase your followers as well as increase your sales.

The Instagram Reels feature you should be used for promotion

Moreover, make sure you are using Instagram Reels right now Instagram is truly pushing out Instagram Reels, and it’s one of the things that really has been working for me if you are creating really engaging reels that are around the niche that your products are about then people are going to find you, and they are going to start following you and then once you’re continually doing the other things that I talked about like creating um expert content and people start to say hey this girl is an authority in this maybe um I should work with her maybe I should purchase what she’s selling that is a great way to increase those sales make sure you’re using Instagram Reels try to use some popular sounds use some of the trends that are happening do what you can to get yourself in front of a new audience and right now on Instagram Reels is the way to do that.

How to connect one to one with your customer on Instagram stories

Next you want to make sure you’re using Instagram stories what I love about Instagram stories is that it allows you the ability to go one-to-one with people right, so you’re posting things and people are commenting on back to the things you’re posting you can use that as an opportunity to really really really deepen that connection and the relationship with that follower and turn them into a buyer much easier in the dm right so make sure you’re posting that expert content also on your stories as well you know show people that you know what you’re doing you know what you’re talking about right and that people are satisfied with your product those that have bought it testimonials that’s an excellent place to showcase your testimonials in stories people begin to respond to them and trust and believe me when you um create that conversation with the people that are inquiring about those testimonials or about your product it’s really, really easy to convert people in the dm so make sure that you’re using Instagram stories.

How to get a surge of sales fast

Then you can have a sale every now and again one thing about people is that we love a good sale and when we feel like we’re getting something on a discount, or we’re getting an extra value about something we jump on it quickly a good way to do this is tell people about the sale on your feed but tell them they only can get it if they go and get the discount code from your stories. So that gets them over to your stories engaging in your stories you can build that connection more when they’re over there in the stories, and you all can talk in the dm, but it also lets them know about the sale that you’re having thus making them want to purchase your product even more too because listen if I can save three dollars or five dollars, or you’re going to give me extra training or something with your product absolutely if you are an expert in the niche and the thing that I am looking for, and I have probably been contemplating on buying your thing, but I wasn’t really sure honey you run that sale more than likely I am going to jump on it so don’t be afraid to have you a little sale every now and again, and you know what it doesn’t even have to be a sale you can offer a little bonus product with it to that’ll make it seem more valuable.

How to collaborate with other experts to promote your product

Don’t be afraid to collaborate with other experts in your niche as well someone maybe that does um the same thing as you or something that’s complementary to what you do you guys can swap posts maybe you know you they share you and their stories, and you share them in your stories and that can be a way to get you in front of a new audience um and tell them about what you do as well now don’t just try to do this with any person make sure that you have a relationship with the expert, right. You’re not just saying hey I got something to offer no make sure you have built a lasting relationship with them that you guys you know talk all the time on social media or whatever but just just just be a good business person, okay nobody likes a random person just diving into their dm offering them something or think no okay make sure you have a relationship with the person and see if you guys can swap posts or do something you know be on their podcast, or you know trade blog posts or something like that considers doing collaborations with other experts in your niche and if you don’t already have an eBook or digital product I wrote an article What is an eBook?  How to make an ebook? Selling ebooks, you can read them to learn more about eBooks.

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