How to convert JPG into PDF on Ubuntu

In this article, we’ll examine – the way to change over PNG, JPEG to PDF in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS discharge. We will eff through img2pdf order line utility.

First, we might speak about the establishment steps needed to induce the order line utility (for example img2pdf). From there on, its execution and different choices through significant models.

Img2pdf can help us in a lossless change of images to PDF.

Note: Following activities would expect you to possess superuser advantages. On the off chance that you simply do not have one, at that time contact your supervisor for help.

Introduce img2pdf in Ubuntu

We can get the order line utility (for example img2pdf) through the bundle – img2pdf accessible in standard Ubuntu storehouse. Along these lines, we’d like to initially refresh the archive to create the foremost recent variety of bundle accessible. Subsequently, issue the accompanying in the terminal –

sudo well-suited update

Then, to introduce the particular bundle –

sudo able introduce img2pdf

To check the bundle adaptation introduced –

img2pdf – V

Convert PNG, JPEG to PDF in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Consider we’ve five pictures to aim distinctive img2pdf choices. Thus, shall we say we’ve got –

  • A.png
  • B.png
  • C.png
  • D.png
  • E.png

It merits referencing here that, in spite of the very fact that we’ve got proceeded with the PNG design. We are able to apply a similar procedure to JPEG documents also.

Open a terminal and head to the index where our pictures are put away. This could be possible through recording order line utility –

album/way/to/pictures/put away

Presently, to vary all pictures over to PDF in one-go

img2pdf – o

For example,

img2pdf *.png – o outcome.pdf

Or save for, to alter over only 1 picture record to PDF –

img2pdf A.png – o outcome.pdf

Determine the records to be changed over to PDF –

img2pdf B.png D.png E.png – o outcome.pdf

For this example, just B, PNG, D.png and E.png are going to be changed over to outcome.pdf

Up till now, you will have seen that pictures are changed over in line with their particular sizes. We will indicate page size also –

img2pdf B.png D.png E.png – page size 18cmx12cm – o outcome.pdf

Or except, to see picture size –

img2pdf B.png D.png E.png – imgsize 18cmx12cm – o outcome.pdf

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