How to setup split screen mode on Android phone | Android Multi Window

How to setup android split screen mode on an android phone using up to 7 android versions and explore android multi window functions.

Have you at any point needed to use two applications on your Android mobile phone simultaneously? Assuming this can be the case, you’re in karma.

Most new Android telephones from over twelve distinct makers currently permit you to run applications in split screen mode, which allows you to utilize and see them both without a moment’s delay. What’s more, it is not difficult to initiate split screen mode.

You should note, nonetheless, that running applications in split screen mode can exhaust your battery quicker than running them regularly. What’s more, not all applications may be run in split screen mode — applications that need the complete screen to figure, kind of like games, won’t provide you with the selection.

Furthermore, not all Android gadgets support split screen mode.

In any case, on the off chance that you simply do have a viable Android gadget and two applications that you’d opt to run in split screen mode, here are the thanks to screw.

What is Android Multi Window screen?

The Android Multi Window work permits you to open and utilize two applications all the while by parting the screen see. This function works in the latest android versions such as Android 7 or above. This is an amazing function where people can use multi window in one tab instances you are watching a video on YouTube, and probably you want to use now Facebook while watching a video this is possible through Android multi window or split screen mode.

What is Android split screen mode?

The android split screen mode allows you to work and use two application simultaneously. This function works in android 7 or above version. Split screen mode is an amazing function that people can use two application on one screen at the same time. These options advanced the android system and user experience.

Multi-Window Support

Android 7.0 adds support for showing over one application simultaneously. On handheld gadgets, two applications can run one next to the opposite or one over the other in split-screen mode. On TV gadgets, applications can use picture-in-picture mode to proceed with video playback while users are connecting with another application.

On the off chance that your application targets Android 7.0 (API level 24) or higher, you’ll be able to design how your application handles multi-window show. As an example, you’ll be able to determine your movement’s base suitable measurements. You’ll likewise cripple a multi-window show for your application, guaranteeing that the framework just shows your application in full-screen mode.

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How to setup split screen mode on Android phone?

To setup multi window or split screen mode on android phone follow the steps below:

1. If you want to use split screen mode, you must have android phone version up to 7.

2.Using split screen mode find out the settings option into your phone and go for it.

multi window split screen settings
Multi window split screen settings

3. If you go accessed into your settings then scroll down and search for Multi window mode.

android multi window settings
Android multi window settings

4. Click on the Multi window option.

Click on the Multi window option.

5. Switch on the Split screen mood.

Switch on the Split screen mood

It’s time to test our split screen mode. If we have done all the process successfully the split screen mode or multi window function must be work as below pictures shows clearly how the split screen works.


check split screen mode
Check split screen mode
split screen mode or multi window function
Split screen mode or multi window function
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