Most Popular Top 10 Pinterest Influencers Marketing Profile

Pinterest Influencers Marketing Profile: Pinterest launched in 2010 and has since amassed 460 million month to month dynamic users. Pinterest could be a platform where clients interface enthusiastic about their advantage specifically items and themes. Clients make “boards” that relate to a specific point, just like inside plan, and minister pictures and items sourced from across the online.

On YouTube, Instagram, and other online media areas certain users have amassed a nice numerous adherents, and Pinterest is that the indistinguishable. The first 10 Pinterest influencers today have disciples inside the multi-millions and have used their online achievement to hitch powers with brands and start associations.

The top 10 most popular niches on Pinterest are:

  1.    Travel
  2.    Art
  3.    Home Décor
  4.    Photography
  5.    Design
  6.    DIY and Crafts
  7.    Technology
  9.   Humor
  10.    Food and Drink

Pinterest Influencers Trends Online

Top Pinterest influencers exhibit a solid fashion awareness and may manage item drifts. Here we’ve accumulated the highest users on the platform today who are moving crowds and imparting their most up-to-date interests to millions.

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1. Happiness Cho/Oh Joy! – 14.8 Million Followers

ohjoy Pinterest Influencers
ohjoy Pinterest Influencers

Graphic designer Joy Cho flaunts an incredible 14.8 million devotees on Pinterest. She got her beginning as a blogger, and afterwards extended to other social stages like Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

Cho makes Pinterest sheets on the topics of interior design, cooking, style, then some. She has utilized her online accomplishment to start her own communication studio, distribute 3 books, and make a line of unique homeware items in organization with Target.

2. We Heart It – 12.3 Million Followers

We Heart It Pinterest Influencers
We Heart It Pinterest Influencers

As an interpersonal organization and application, We Heart it’s the foremost followed brand account on Pinterest. We Heart It’s publication group offers and ministers refreshingly sure substance to quite 12 million Pinterest users.

Their sheets are a wonderful mixture of stylish home stylistic theme, design and magnificence pictures, persuasive statements, elevating pictures of kinship, and various things that sparkle motivation.

3. Poppytalk – 10.3 Million Followers

Poppytalk Pinterest Influencers
Poppytalk Pinterest Influencers

The Pinterest page Poppytalk is controlled by Vancouver B.C. creatives Jan Halvarson and Earl Einarson. The pair made how of life blog add inside plan and cooking, and use Pinterest to accumulate motivation and offer thoughts.

In 2014, Poppytalk teamed up with Target to form a novel product offering that comes with silverware, water jugs, and therefore the sky is that the limit from there. Halvarson and Einarson have additionally utilized their prosperity as Pinterest influencers to hitch forces with Tiffany and Co., Roots Canada, and Staples.

4. Maryann Rizzo – 9 Million Followers

Maryann Rizzo Pinterest Influencers
Maryann Rizzo Pinterest Influencers

Maryann Rizzo is an American inside planner that runs the Pinterest record of the same name. Despite the actual fact that she remains moderately unknown, Rizzo ministers Pinterest content zeroed in precisely on inside plan.

Her most followed board is assessed “Everything” and incorporates furniture, work of art, and occasion explicit adornments. Rizzo additionally deals with the Tumblr page Curated Style, which is an expansion of her inside plan interests.

5. Mothers Uncut – 8.4 Million Followers

Mamas Uncut Pinterest Influencers
Mamas Uncut Pinterest Influencers

Nurturing site Mamas Uncut engages quite 8 million adherents on Pinterest and is one amongst the most designers within the specialty. Nurturing Q&A, news, child names, master exhortation, and residential hacks may be found on this Pinterest.

6. Cathie Hong – 8 Million Followers

Cathie Hong Interiors Pinterest Influencers
Cathie Hong Interiors Pinterest Influencers

Originator Cathie Hong lives in San Jose, California along with her husband Steven and two youngsters, and pins on the themes of inside plan and elegance. Her Pinterest board “Design and Style” has more than 3 million adherents.

Hong additionally contains a skill for calligraphy and handwriting. In 2010, she dispatched her own online stamp store, which sells prime quality and custom stamps that she makes.

7. Jane Wang – 7.7 Million Followers

Jane Wang Pinterest Influencers
Jane Wang Pinterest Influencers

Little is assumed about Pinterest star Jane Wang, who portrays herself as a Chinstrap Penguin from Antarctica on her profile. By the by, she has amassed over 7.7M adherents and her board “Delightful,” an assortment of plans, has over 6.4 million supporters alone.

Wang pins on an assortment of points including creatures, books, DIY undertakings, and yoga. Her sheets are wide running and highlight something for everyone.

8. Bonnie Tsang – 7 Million Followers

Bonnie Tsang Pinterest Influencers
Bonnie Tsang Pinterest Influencers

Los Angeles based publication and business photographic artist Bonnie Tsang runs the Pinterest account Bonnie Tsang. Her page is spotless cut and highlights inside plan, style, travel, and food pictures.

Disconnected Tsang has utilized her photography abilities to assist customers like Sephora, Gap, Warby Parker, and Barneys the big apple. She likewise gives brand counseling within the space of workmanship bearing and social structure.

9. Evelyn – 6.8 Million Followers

Evelyn Pinterest Influencers
Evelyn Pinterest Influencers

Evelyn may be a Pinterest influencer from Arkansas who clergymen travel photography, formula thoughts, books, then some. Her board “Nature’s Windows” is one in every of her generally mainstream and incorporates dazzling scene pictures.

Evelyn clergymen content for those searching for movement motivation or looking for entertaining substance. She likewise has sheets dedicated to images, lovable creatures, and rousing statements, which makes for a mixed and diverse record.

10. Pejper/Anna K. – 6.8 Million Followers Pinterest Influencers Pinterest Influencers

Sophia and Anna K. begun the Pinterest account Pejper/Anna K. as an augmentation of their blog Pejper. The Swedish bloggers nail to the themes of inside plan, cooking, and design.

The pair has a watch for present day and moderate plan, which could be a proceeding with a subject across all of their Pinterest sheets. One in all their famous sheets, “Making the rounds” keeps up over 101,000 devotees and features café and bistro plan.

Pinterest Influencers FAQ

Who are the largest Pinterest influencers?

These are the best Pinterest influencers: 1. Satisfaction Cho/Oh Joy! 2. Maryann Rizzo 3. Bekka Palmer 4. Poppytalk 5. Jane Wang 6. Bonnie Tsang 7. Evelyn 8. molly pickering 9. pejper/anna k. 10. HonestlyWTF

How much do Pinterest influencers make?

Just the highest level Pinterest influencers bring in heaps of cash utilizing Pinterest as their primary stage. The foremost mainstream Pinterest influencers, who have over 1,000,000 followers, will procure in any event $200,000 in income each year from their accounts.

Do influencers utilize Pinterest?

Pinterest may be a popular online media platform for a few influencers, particularly bloggers. Pinterest will be a tremendous item revelation device, which makes it a crucial channel for any influencer’s advanced marketing procedure. It’s additionally an unprecedented instrument for your influencer marketing system.

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