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Manni Gaming refers to playing electronic games, no matter whether through consoles, PCs, cell phones, or other mediums by and enormous. Gaming may be a nuanced term that recommends customary ongoing interaction, potentially as a diversion. Albeit customarily one variety of unwinding, online multiplayer computer games have made gaming a famous gathering movement also.

An individual who is into gaming is often called a gamer or in-your-face gamer.

Manni Gaming Startup

Manni Gaming Startup

  • Gaming Content Creator Since 2015.
  • YouTube as Primary Occupation in 2016.
  • Focused on War Robots essentially in July 2017.
  • Created Facebook-Fanpage and Discord Server for steadfast Viewers
  • Started Live-Streaming War Robots on YT and Other Games on Twitch.

Manni Gaming Explains Gaming

Manni Gaming has seen some “brilliant ages,” all of which were accepted to stamp the top of its ascent in ubiquity. As new advancements and games arise, in any case, the amount of people occupied with gaming has consistently risen. Cell phones and movement sensors are only two instances of recent advancements that have prodded new types of gaming. Gaming has become so inescapable that the expression “easygoing gaming” is employed to allude to discontinuous gaming, while “no-nonsense gaming” is saved for people who invest plenty of energy gaming.

Manni Gaming Net Worth

Manni Gaming Net Worth

Manni-Gaming could be a German YouTube channel with over 314.00K subscribers. It began 12 years prior and has 1154 transferred recordings.

The total assets of Manni-Gaming’s channel through 30 Aug 2021


Recordings on the direct are posted within the classes Action game, Strategy video game, Role-playing video game, game culture, Action experience game.

What much money does Manni Gaming make?

The following may be a gauge of the traditional exploit publicizing on the channel, contingent upon language, cost, and current crowd.

Manni Gaming Per day Income


Manni Gaming Weekly Income


Manni Gaming Monthly Income


Manni Gaming Yearly Income


Manni Gaming Real Name

Manni Gaming Real name Manni, better mentioned online as Manni-Gaming could be a German gaming YouTuber, He primarily makes content identifying with War Robots, created by Pixonic. He additionally includes a second channel Good Mood Gaming, where he transfers playthroughs of various games just like the Last people, Soma, and Alien Isolation.

Manni Gaming History

His first War Manni Gaming Robots video was transferred on July 17, 2017, and was about the Galahad robot. Indeed, even before that, he was doing content like what he currently does on the channel Good Mood Gaming. Since the time of that video, he has been chiefly transferring recordings about War Robots

Manni Gaming Trivia

Other than the authority War Robots YouTube channel, Manni is that the most bought in War Robots YouTuber.

Manni as of now lives in Germany

He presently does a live stream each Wednesday at 2 pm US local time.

He does a giveaway identifying with War Robots about once consistently.

Manni appears to stay up with correspondence with individual War Robots YouTuber Adrian Chong

Manni Gaming Latest Video

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*Patreon page made on July, 28th, 2015*

*Last refreshed: March, 24th, 2021*

Manni Gaming Discord

Here is the real manni gaming discord, which you should follow to get the latest update.

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