Android 11: How to Edit Scrolling Screenshots

In this article, we will discuss how to take and edit scrolling screenshots on Android 11. Realizing the way to edit your screenshots on your Android 11 gadget is key. Possibly you would like to send somebody a chunk of your screen, however not all little bit of it. You’ll need to understand how you’ll be able to trim that pointless piece of the image.

Android 11 gives you incredible choices once you’re taking the screenshots. You’ll likewise take looking over screenshots without hosting to introduce a third-get-together application. still, read to perceive how you’ll be able to alter your screenshots with all the alternatives Android 11 must wake up the table.

How to Take a Screenshot on Android 11

One way of taking a screenshot is to tap on the new apps fasten or play out the motion that may take you there. At the bottom, you’ll notice a choice that says Screenshot. Essentially, tap on it, and also the screen capture is going to be taken.

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How to Edit Scrolling Screenshots

The customary technique that everyone thinks regarding when taking screen captures includes squeezing two buttons. For this case, you’ll have to press the quantity down and power buttons for a pair of moments.


At the purpose, once you take the screen capture, you will see a see of it at the bottom left. You will see choices, as an example,

  • Pencil Icon – By clicking this choice, you’ll perceive how a menu with all the apps you will edit the screenshot with.
  • Share Button
  • Erase
  • Google Lens – With this choice, you’ll be able to get more data on what’s in your screenshot with

In case you are not content with the screenshot you took, you’ll be able to generally excuse it. you’ll do that by swiping the screen capture aside or, there’s consistently the rubbish bin symbol after you take it.

These are similar buttons you wish to press for a looking over the screenshot. At the purpose once you press the amount down and power button, you will see bolts pointing down underneath the screenshot see. Tap on the bolts, and you may perceive how the looking over screenshot is taking, however, you’ll likewise see a red stop button. Tap this red button after you have to stop the screen capture. However long the screenshot is being taken, you will see a preparing message. At the purpose when it vanishes, that suggests it’s finished taking the screenshot.

Android 11 Screen Recorder

On Android 11, you’ve got the selection of utilizing the screen recorder choice. This is often extraordinary just in case you do not know what screenshot you may require precisely. You’ll be able to get to the current choice by swiping down from the very best point of your screen twice and reaching Quick Settings. Assuming you do not see the screen recorder choice, that suggests it’s covered up.

To move it for quicker access, you’ll have to tap on the pencil symbol at the bottom left. Swipe right down and look for the Screen Recorder choice. Whenever you’ve discovered it, long-press on that and drag it to a more advantageous piece of Quick Settings.

At the purpose after you have to utilize the Screen Recorder, you’ll notice it’s direct to utilize. At the purpose, once you tap on the selection, you will see an admonition message. After you move beyond that, you will see a commencement clock at the upper right. There’ll likewise be a red stop button, and a bolt pointing left. By tapping on the bolt, you’ll get to choices like Sound and Camera. Within the Sound choice, you’ll add sound to your video through the Mic, System sound, Mic and framework sound, or no strong.

The video is going to be composed of a recording from the forward-looking camera. By tapping on the camera symbol, you’ll be able to remember yourself for the recording. The recording time will likewise be displayed under the stop button.

To make any acclimation to the Screen Recorder choice, swipe down as you probably did previously, however this point long-push on the Screen Recorder choice. you will be taking to its Settings. You’ll be able to change the viewfinder size, pick the goal, edit the casings each second. Assume you’re recording a brief instructional exercise for somebody. All things considered, you’ll make it simpler for them to follow your means by empowering the record touchpoints choice.

Android 11 screenshots

As Android propels, you’re seeing some convenient components in relation to taking screenshots. Does one imagine that different provisions must be added to form taking screen captures far better? Offer your musings within the remarks beneath, and remember to impart the article to others via web-based media.

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