Fix: Outlook Mail Not Being Marked as Read

In this article, we will fix outlook mail not being marked as read. Numerous Outlook clients grumbled about reading messages changing over back to Unread status. the e-mail customer won’t stamp messages as perused no matter whether you previously changed your settings to test messages as perused following opening them. Restarting Outlook doesn’t generally settle the problem. we must always investigate how else you’ll accommodate fix this issue.

What to Do if Outlook Emails Are Not Showing as Read

Mark Emails as Unread and afterwards as Read

Outlook mail has a go at denoting the hazardous email as Unread first. Hang tight for thirty seconds and afterwards mark it as Read. Check if this fast workaround tackles the difficulty.

Also, just in case you’re encountering this issue just on the Outlook mail work area application, check on the off chance that you simply can stamp messages as Read on Ideally, the net application isn’t influenced by this issue.

Start Outlook in Safe Mode

  1. Press the Windows and R keys to open another Run window.
  2. Enter the Outlook/safe order and hit Enter.
  3. Browse whenever read messages actually show up as uninitiated messages.

In the event that Outlook functions faithful form in Safe mode, impair your add-ins. some of your add-ins could also be meddling together with your inbox.

  1. Snap-on the File menu, and attend Options.
  2. Then, at that time, select Add-ins.
  3. Go to Manage Add-ins and hit Go.
  4. Handicap everything of your add-ins and restart Outlook.
  5. Then, at that time, re-empower your add-ins individually to tell apart the offender. Check if the difficulty returns.
  6. Uninstall the tricky add-in(s), and restart Outlook.

Update Office

Ensure you’re running the foremost recent Office form on your gadget.

  1. Dispatch Word, click on File and choose Account.
  2. Then, at that time, move to Update Options, and choose Office Updates.
  3. Hit the Update Now button to introduce the foremost recent updates.

Repair Office

Viewpoint is very important for the Office Suite. within the event that the Office establishment records got undermined or the framework can’t get to them, have a go at fixing Office and truly take a glance at the outcomes.

  1. Dispatch instrument panel.
  2. Go to Programs and Features.
  3. Select Office 365 or Microsoft 365.
  4. Hit the Change button.
  5. Select Quick Repair.
  6. Restart your PC, dispatch Outlook, and really take a glance at the outcomes.
  7. In the event that the difficulty endures, run Online Repair also.

Reinstall Outlook

  1. Go to Settings, select Apps, and afterwards click on Apps and components.
  2. Find Outlook, select the applying, and hit the Uninstall button
  3. Then, at that time, restart your PC.
  4. Reinstall Outlook by means of the Microsoft Store application.
  5. Browse if the e-mail customer actually returns read messages to Unread status.

Outlook Mail is not being marked as read when opened

On the off chance that Outlook mail continues resetting Read mail to Unread status, mark the hazardous messages as Unread and afterwards as Read. Furthermore, start Outlook mail in Safe mode and debilitate all add-ins. On the off chance that the problem perseveres, update and fix Office, and reinstall Outlook.


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