Advantage and Disadvantage of AdSense: What are the Pros and Cons of Google AdSense?

The advantage and disadvantage of Adsense allow you to understand better how they work. Adsense is a high paying advertising platform where website owners and YouTube channel can monetize their content by showing advertisements. 

Advantage and Disadvantage of AdSense

Here are some pros and cons of Google Adsense that you should know before applying for the Adsense partner program.

What are the advantages of Google Adsense?

1. Easy to use: Adsense provides easy approval and integration process. If your content and website abide by Adsense’s privacy policy, you can get approval within a week. Adsense provides ad unit code to paste on your content to show ads automatically. Google Adsense also has an auto ads system where a publisher needs to connect the website with Adsense and switch on the auto ads option. That’s how Adsense will find the best place to show an advertisement on the user interface.

2. Monetization: Adsense provides monetization opportunities to earn money by creating content. Usually, an Adsense publisher can earn money while users click on ads.

3. Targeted Advertising: Adsense use Google targetting technology when showing ads on the user interface. They track the user browsing data and show ads relevant to their recent search.

4. Control: Google Adsense gives you full control of showing advertisements on your website. You can block ads category or certain ads from the Adsense blocking option. 

What are the disadvantages of Google AdSense?

1. Revenue sharing: Adsense is a revenue-sharing advertisement platform. Adsense will take 32% of revenue from your earning for the content creator and YouTube host. Adsense takes 49% of revenue from search ads.

2. Click Fraud: Before 2018 click fraud was a big issue on Adsense but day by day they have reduced the amount. If any publisher intentionally clicks on ads to generate revenue Adsense will permanently ban them and disabled the Adsense account.

3. Ad blocking: Many users install an ad blocker on their device or browser, that can prevent them to see an advertisement on your website. If a user can’t see ads, definitely the revenue will reduce.

4. Policy violation: Adsense has a strict policy regarding content and user interaction. If your website violates any of Adsense policies then your Adsense account may get Ad limit, suspended, or closed by Google.


Google Adsense is a high paying ad network where a publisher or content creator can easily earn for their content and its users. To show ads on your website, you must abide by Google publisher policy.

Advantage and Disadvantage of AdSense: What are the Pros and Cons of Google AdSense?

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