Bkash vs Nagad

In this article, we will discuss the benefits and advantages of Bkash Vs Nagad. Although, Bkash and Nagad both are dynamic mobile banking platforms in Bangladesh, there are some differences between them such as transaction charges and opportunities being the main discussion matter.


What is Bkash?

bkash is an online mobile banking system that allows users to make easy transactions from anywhere in Bangladesh. 

They are primely a financial service company in Bangladesh that control by the Bangladesh Bank as affiliate of BRACK bank. The founder of bKash is kamal Quadir who founded the company in 2010.

bkash has several services for their app user such as current bill, water bill, online shopping, add funds from the credit card and other usable benefits that make life more easier.

Bkash Benefits and opportunities

Bkash offers several benefits for their user to make mobile banking payments easier to their users. If you want to use the all benefits, you need to install the Bkash app and see their offers from the offer section.

Bkash has opened the mobile banking door in Bangladesh for the purpose to develop the digital sector. As we know Bangladesh all sectors are being digitalized especially IT sector is the main focus point because how much a country developed it’s depend on the information technology development.


What is Nagad?

Nagad is a financial service company in Bangladesh which developed by following the bKash system. As they are showing rapid growth since it started in Bangladesh. Nagad mainly open to providing better services in the mobile banking system in Bangladesh.

Nagad providing services for their app users such as water bills, electric bills and door for online shopping.

Why Nagad better than bKash?

Nagad is better than bKash for its transaction charges as bkash taking the high charge for a single transaction where Nagad has the lowest transaction fees.

If bKash reduces the transaction charges Nagad can’t be ever better than bKash.

How to make Nagad account?

Making a Nagad account is pretty much easy because they don’t need any physical application. You can apply for Nagad account through mobile apps and they will make this process through your NID and mobile number. 

Here are some steps to create a Nagad account:

#step 1

Dial *167#

#step 2

  1. Make your PIN
  2. Use a phone number
  3. Fill out the client area information
  4. You should take a copy of your NID card on your mobile phone to submit
  5. If you submit everything properly they will approve your account upon checking

That’s how you can create an account on Nagad. If you need more information you should visit its official page.

Bkash vs Nagad

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