How to Edit Scrolling Screenshots Android 11

In this article, we’ll examine a How to Edit Scrolling Screenshots Android 11. Understanding the tactic for editing your screen captures on your Android 11 device is significant. Conceivably you may want to send someone a lump of your screen, but not all tad of it. you’ll need to determine how you will have the choice to manage that trivial piece of the image.

Android 11 gives you staggering decisions once you are taking the screen captures. You’ll moreover take investigating screen captures without facilitating to present a third-party application. in any case, read to determine how you will have the choice to vary your screen captures with all of the alternatives Android 11 should awaken the table.

How to require a Screenshot on Android 11

One approach to taking a screen capture is to tap on the new applications secure or play out the movement which may take you there. At the bottom, you will see a choice that says Screenshot. Basically, tap on it, and furthermore, the screen catches is taken.

How to Edit Scrolling Screenshots

The standard procedure that everyone thinks with regard to while taking screen catches incorporates pressing two buttons. For this case, you’ll have to press the quantity down and drive buttons for a pair of minutes.


At the explanation, after you take the screen catch, you may see a see of it at the bottom left. you’ll see decisions, as an example,

  1. Pencil Icon – By clicking this decision, you will see the way menu with all the applications you may alter the screen capture with.
  2. Share Button
  3. Eradicate
  4. Google Lens – With this decision, you will have the choice to induce more information on what’s in your screen capture with

In the event that you just aren’t satisfied with the screen capture you took, you’ll need the choice to for the foremost part pardon it. you’ll do this by swiping the screen catch to the side or, there’s reliably the junk container image after you’re taking it.

These are comparable buttons you would like to press for an investigation of the screen capture. At the explanation, once you press the sum down and drive button, you’ll see bolts pointing down below the screen capture see. Tap on the bolts, and you would possibly see how the investigating screen capture is taking, notwithstanding, you’ll moreover see a red stop button. Tap this red button after you wish to prevent the screen catch. Anyway lengthy the screen capture is being taken, you’ll see a planning message. At the explanation when it disappears, that recommends it’s done taking the screen capture.

Android 11 Screen Recorder

On Android 11, you have got the determination of using the screen recorder decision. this can be regularly exceptional within the event you do not have any idea what screen capture you would possibly require unequivocally. you will have the choice to induce this decision by swiping down from absolutely the best mark of your screen double and arriving at Quick Settings. Accepting you do not see the screen recorder decision, that recommends it’s concealed.

To move it for faster access, you’ll have to tap on the pencil image at the bottom left. Swipe directly down and explore for the Screen Recorder decision. At the purpose when you’ve found it, long-push thereon and drag it to a more invaluable piece of Quick Settings.

At the rationale, after you wish to use the Screen Recorder, you will see it’s immediate to use. At the rationale, after you tap on the selection, you may see a counsel message. After you progress past that, you may see an initiation clock at the upper right. There’ll moreover be a red stop button, and a bolt pointing left. By tapping on the bolt, you will get to decisions like Sound and Camera. Inside the Sound decision, you’ll add sound to your video through the Mic, System sound, Mic and structure sound, or no solid.

The video is going to be made out of a recording from the forward-looking camera. By tapping on the camera image, you’ll need the memorable option yourself for the recording. The recording time will similarly be shown under the stop button.

To make any acclimation to the Screen Recorder decision, swipe down as you possibly did already, but this time long-push on the Screen Recorder decision. you’ll be taking to its Settings. you’ll need the choice to alter the viewfinder size, pick the target, alter the housings each second. Accept that you’re recording a concise activity for somebody. In light of everything, you’ll simplify it for them to follow your means by engaging the record touchpoints decision.

Android 11 screen captures

As Android impels, you’re seeing advantageous parts such as taking screen captures. do you envision that various arrangements should be added to border taking screen catches far superior? Offer your insights inside the comments underneath, and ensure to confer the article to others by means of online media.

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