Is Freelance Web Design Worth It? (How To Start Freelance Web Designer)

In this article, we will discuss is freelance web design worth it. You are reading our blog because you are ready to become a freelance web designer.

Nowadays, you are thinking of earning money by freelancing. So you’ve learned web design and coding, but don’t know where to start.

Here we are ready to answer all these questions and guide you in the right direction.

Is freelance web design worth it?

The value of a freelance web designer is huge because every job pays well. If we compare the cost of other jobs, we can see that web designers earn 2 to 3 times more. This profession involves education, creativity and skills, so professionals or students are interested in pursuing this job.

What is the best way to start freelancing as a web designer?

If you are committed to education and work, then learning web design can be a profitable idea for you. Because Coursera has mentioned in a report that web developers in the US can earn up to around $80,000 a year. If you have the following 4 job skills, you can start freelancing web design today.

Freelance web designer html css java php

  1. CSS
  2. HTML
  3. Java
  4. PHP

How to start freelance web design

You have to go a long way to do things like web designing. If you don’t know what is the best website to start freelancing you can read our article.

1. Find your niche

Find your niche

Do you want to do web development and design when the competition is high?

As a first step, you need to find a good institute to take a web development course and improve your skills. Then, find your niche and focus on your skills.

Must be a programmer who completes all tasks efficiently and effectively. In this way, the client will be satisfied with your work and the scope of work will be expanded.

2. Practice on your own

When you’ve mastered a job skill, the next step is to practice the skill yourself. You love doing and learning things like web design and development, but you know that handling all the work through coding can lead to mistakes and you can’t prove your work skills to clients because of one mistake. So more practice should be done after learning that particular skill.

3. Create your personal brand name

Establishing yourself as an expert in your field can be difficult, but if you want to be seen as a professional freelancer, you have to work hard.

There are many opportunities to prove your professionalism and competence

Networking, Marketing, Website, Blog Show your customers to find you.

How do I get my first freelance web design job?

As a beginner, there are certain rules you need to follow to get freelance web design work. For example, design your profile, create a portfolio, share it on social media and let people around you know that you are doing this. If you can handle marketing this way, you’ll land your first job quickly.

Where can I get freelance jobs as a web designer?

There are many online freelance platforms that allow web designers to freelance, such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, Toptal, PeoplePerHour, Behance, TaskRabbit, Dribbble, and many more where you can easily find jobs and achieve lifetime income goals.

Is web design still in demand?

The demand for freelance web design is increasing day by day. Currently, the world is moving towards the computer revolution. Millions of websites are launched every day. Some are building websites to run e-commerce companies, some are doing it to promote their services or identity, and some are doing affiliate marketing. So every business needs web designers and developers.


Here are the most popular questions and answers people usually ask to know. If we missed answering your queries, let us know.

What is the salary of a freelance web designer?

Web designers are paid based on their services. There are many types of jobs in this field, some jobs pay $60,517 per year and if you provide better services, the annual salary will be $90,517.

How much to charge for freelance web design?

freelance web designer hourly rate is $25 to $75 per hour. Web developers are paid $100 to $150 per hour. So it can be said that web designers earn less than developers.

How much do web designers make per website?

Web designers can earn from $400 to $800 per website on freelance platforms. As we’ve seen on Fiverr, designers sell their services starting at $20, and one of the main reasons is experience. Many designers have little experience at website designing skills. So, if you want good services, you need to hire professional developers and similar services will cost more.

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