10 Best Freelance Websites for Writing Jobs

In this article, we will discuss the best Freelance websites for writing jobs. Freelance writing job is a job that a freelancer can work from home, they can write content when setting on a coffee shop, even a freelance writer can write when travelling through by air.

A freelance writer is a self-employment and has full freedom on schedule and flexibility.

As a freelancer writer can work on several project at a time such as writing article, marketing material, blog posts and more. If you want to start freelance writing career it would be a rewarding and meaningful career.

To start freelance writing career you should know the writing skills such as grammar writing, spelling, sentence making and son on. Besides, you need to build your portfolio including experience, skills, customer reviews and offers.

However, There are several way to find freelance writing jobs such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Writer, Guru and more platforms that allow you to get a freelance job.

Although, Freelance writing is a challenging profession to start as a beginner, but it can be a good career option. If you are hard worker, dedicated and love writing passion, you ca build a successful freelance writing business.

How do I become a freelance content writer?

If you want to become a freelance content writer, here are some pro tips to start as a beginner:

  1. Develop content writing skills: Content writing skills are rewarding and have freedom at work schedule. To become a successful content writer, you must have strong content writing skills with grammar and spelling. If you determine to become a writer, we suggest you to take a skill writing course from a quality institute.
  2. Create portfolio website: Portfolio website can take you to the next level of your career. A portfolio website can introduce you in a new way with your audience, customer and clients. So you should consider making a professional portfolio including your skills and experiences.
  3. Find freelance writing jobs: Finding freelance writing jobs can be difficult but you should take patience and search for jobs from Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, ProBlogger and other job boards. 
  4. Start a business: Starting a business besides freelance writing would be a great idea. When you have clients and money to set up a business, you should consider to build a physical office. So it would be more productive.

10 best freelance websites for writing jobs – Quick guides to find freelance jobs for writing

If you are searching freelance writing jobs, here are 10 website that might help you to get a jobs in short time:

  1. BloggingPro: BloggingPro is website that provides freelance writing jobs for content writer.
  2. Writers.work: Writers.work is freelance job portal where freelancer can find content writing jobs for attractive price.
  3. The write life: The write life is freelance platform where you can get free writing resources and the offers several jobs for content writer, copywriter and editing.
  4. The creative Group: The Creative group is a freelance job agency where freelancer allows to get content writing and blog posts writing jobs. 
  5. TextBroker: TextBroker is a freelance platform that allows clients to hire a freelancer and content writer to write content for their website.
  6. Reedsy: Reedsy is a freelancing website where writer can connect with several company to get a job such as ghostwriting and content writing.
  7. Scripted: Scripted is one of the best freelancing platform that connect freelancer with several businesses to help businesses to find the right content writer for their company.
  8. ClearVoice: ClearVoice is content promotional platform where businesses can connect with freelance content writer. If you want to get a job from ClearVoice then create a professional profile and apply for jobs.
  9. iWriter: iWriter allows freelance content writer to create content for businesses. From iWriter platform clients can hire freelancer easily.
  10. The content Authority: The content Authority is a online portal for freelancers. Where a content writer can easily join and seek writing jobs from companies. 

1. BloggingPro


BloggingPro is an online job portal for content writers. It offers several writing jobs with multiple categories such as content writing, blog posts and article for company.

If you want to get a content writing jobs on BloggingPro, you have to access on this website to create an account and browse the job listing to filter the best job that match with your skills and interests.

To apply for writing job on BloggingPro, you need to set up your account with require information and submit a cover letter with a writing sample. When client visit your profile they will see the writing sample and if they interest on you they can hire for their company.

2. Writers.Work


Writers.Work is a freelancing platform that help content writer to find work and improve their skills with free material. It offers several jobs for writers such as content writing, blog posts and copywriting.

If you want to get a freelancing job from Writers.Work, you have to visit its official website and filter jobs that has best match with your skills and career.

To applying for jobs at Writers.Work, you need to create a freelancer account and setup profile professionally with a work example. When buyer visit your profile they could hire you for an impressive work experience.

However, Writers.Work has a professional guidelines for new freelancers who have low experience. They offer free course to improve exciting skills and capability to complete a task.

3. The Write Life

The Write Life 

The Writer Life is a best online freelancing portal to get a writing job for content writing, blog posts, editing and copywriting.

If you want to get a writing job from The Writer Life, you need to visit their official website and filter the best job that match with your career and experience.

To apply to get a job from The Writer Life, you need to create an account on its online portal by submitting your experience, cover letter and example of your work.

The Writer Life also offers freelancing courses to improve their experience and help to develop their exciting skills.

4. The Creative Group

The Creative Group

The Creative Group is one of the best website to get freelancing writing jobs, where freelancers allowed to share their experience such as content writing, copywriting, blog posts and editing content.

If you want to get a job from The Creative Group, you need to create an account including your expertise, skills and example of writing model with experiences.

To apply for jobs on The Creative Group, you should set up your profile professionally and search jobs on the search box related your skills and filter the best results that match your career.

5. Textbroker


TextBroker is a freelancing platform for writers. This website allows you to join as a seller for content writing, Blog posts, Copywriting and product description writing for companies.

To find a freelance job you have to visit on their website and search your skill related job. You can filter all the relevant jobs to send special offers.

If you want to get a job from TextBroker, you need to create an account and setup your profile for require job. For example, if you are a logo designer so you need to set up profile relevant to logo desiging. Don’t forget to include your expertise, experience and example of your work.

When you done a job through TextBroker, you will get the payment on their payment dashboard. The rate of TextBroker job depends on your bit and skills or per project how much you want to take from your client.

6. Reedsy


Reedsy is one of the most unique freelancing platform for writers, where you can get easily because of competation is low. They allow a freelancer to get a job for content writing, editing and blog posts.

If you want to get a job from Reedsy, you have to create a freelancing writer profile and setup professionally. Once you have done setup you should focus on clients and your quality. Writing is a creative passion that many people can’t achieve.

To get a job from Reedsy, you need patience, hard work and ability to convince clients. As you must have to be a creative, professional and dedicated for work.

7. Scripted


Scripted is a platform where writer experts can get jobs for content writing, copywriting, blog posts and article writing.

Scripted mainly offers script writing job such as speech writing, Song, film, drama etc. If you want to get a job from Scripted, you need to create an account and setup professionally.

To apply for writer jobs you can visit a the Scripted website and create and set up your with cover letter, writing samples and other material that they need. When a client visit on your profile they should be impressed by your profile. They will review your profile and make a decision before sending a request. They also can take an interview.

8. ClearVoice


ClearVoice is an online freelancing writing platform where businesses can create high-quality content through writer quickly and easily. ClearVoice allow to write content, article, blog posts and editors.

To getting a job on ClearVoice, you need to create an account and setup with their require guides. If you want to get a job quickly, you should focus on the quality of skills and client satisfaction. A ClearVoice determine to give the best results for businesses that want to optimize sales and company growth.


9. iWriter


iWriter is a professional freelancing platform that allows writer to create content for business people such as copywriting, content writing, article, product description writing and so on.

If you want to get a job as a writer focus on your quality and client satisfaction because iWriter promises to provide the best services for their clients.

The amount you can earn from iWriter approximately $5,000 a month but it’s depend on your writing skill and quality.

10. The Content Authority

The Content Authority

The Content Authority is dedicated to providing writing services that have the highest payment. They offer several jobs for writing sector such as content writing, copywriting, News writing, Product description and so on.

In the content authority, you can join as a freelancer or buyer. If you want to buy something you can seek for freelance writer. While you want to join as a freelance writer you need to create a seller account.

The Content Authority offers a smart amount of income. Where you can earn from $2 to $500 for per project.

How much do freelance writers typically make?

Freelance content writer earning depends on work, experience, job type and quality of writing. But as a freelance content writer you can earn $4,000 to $9,000 per month.

To make money as a writer need to build a quality writing skills and research on several niches. As we know that each business has their own products and different niche so when a client wan to write for their niches make sure that you have knowledge on that particular field. That’s how you can earn more doing freelance writing.

According to freelancer union from United states, they recenty included that freelance writer can earn $20 per hour. Although, it’s depends on your work and experiences.


How much does a freelance content writer earn?

Content writer earning depends on their project type and some other factors such as experience level, type of job and project. Indeed, Freelance content writer can earn from various platform such as making blog site, affiliate marketing and product reviews. So it’s impossible to say how much a content writer actually earn. Generally, the earning is approximately $70,000 per year.

Who is a freelance content writer?

Freelance content writers are professional who has expertise in several writing sectors such as website content, business or company, reviews, social media post, ads writing, Product description and so on.

A freelance content writer has full freedom in their work schedule so they can work from home, work setting on a shop or while travelling.

How to get freelance content writing jobs?

To get a freelance content writing jobs, you need to create an account on online freelance portals such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Guru and so on. After creating an account you need to design your profile for content writing. For example, if you are a content writer, you need to add an intro and effective description including experience year and experience level.

Is freelance writing a good career?

Yes, freelance writing is a good career for those who have long-time experience and good writing skills. As we know that having a good can make you productive and give you a better career. Freelance writing can give you freedom at work, flexibility and the opportunity to work on different projects for different clients.

Freelance Websites for Writing Jobs

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