How do I Become a Freelance Writer with No Experience and No Degree?

When I started my earlier career as a freelance writer, I was studying in the 12th class. So, I had a question “how do I become a freelance writer with no experience and no degree?” because I don’t have any degree certificate or relevant bachelor’s education.

However, I had quality skills in the writing field that how to collect data, how to do keyword research, how to write a quality article step by step, and how to structure an article for search engine optimization.

According to the report of Statista, In the united states, approximately 35% of freelancers are completed their bachelor’s degree which means 65% of freelancers still working as a freelancer without any degree.

In this article, I will give a complete answer with some resources on How to start a career as a freelance writer with no experience and no degree!

How can I begin a career as a freelance writer without any degree or experience?

To start a freelancing career without any degree or experience, you need to take some steps with a specific plan.

  1. Learn writing skills: there are several institutes that assist you to learn professional writing skills.
  2. Build a portfolio website on writing: a portfolio helps to represent your skills, experience, and expertise. 
  3. Network with other freelance writers: Building connections with other freelance writers is an effective way to get a client in a short time.
  4. Identify publications that are looking for a freelance writer: There are various publication hiring freelancers online and offline to write a novel, stories, books, and other statistics that are essential for a particular company.
  5. Represent your skill on social media: Social media is a powerful tool that helps to grow a small business. so, you can grab these opportunities.
  6. Learn how to market a service: providing service is easy but promoting a service can be difficult. So, try to learn how to promote a service.

6 Ways to become a freelance writer with no experience and no degree

After doing deep research on freelancing, we found 6 ways that can make you a freelance writer with no degree and no experience.

1. Learn writing skills

Freelancers considering international platforms to start freelance writing careers as there are high profits and no shortage of jobs. 

So, if you are planning to become an international writer, you need to learn English language skills as a second language.  

There are several institutes you will find in your home country where you can learn English language skills without any degree. However, you need to focus on some specific parts of writing skills such as grammar writing, spelling writing, sentence-making, coherence, and cohesion

2. Build a portfolio website on writing

You are going to provide a creative and professional service, so you need to influence clients with your professionalism. 

However, you can ask I have no experience so how can I show my expertise? That’s a great question! If you are passionate about freelance writing it means you know the basics of how to structure an article or book.  

So, you can build a portfolio website including your writing structure and the number of jobs you have done before as well as include some reviews that will make a positive impact on clients.

3. Build a connection with other writers

Connection brings huge jobs! When you build a connection with other freelancers, they could refer your services to clients if they are loaded with jobs or they could hire you for teamwork.

You might have questions about where to find freelancers to build a network. There are several websites, online platforms, social media, and a community forum where freelancers make conversation and discuss their problems. So, you can join in conversations and build connections easily.

 4. Identify publications that are looking for a freelance writer

Find out publications around you that are looking for a freelance writer. There are several publications in your local area where writing novels, stories, books, magazines, and newspapers. So, try to collaborate with them with your creativity.

5. Represent your skill on social media

Social media like Facebook has powerful tools that help small businesses to grow in a short time. 

So, Create a Facebook profile and page with your company and service information as well as publish interesting content that represents your skills.

6. Learn how to market a service

Marketing is an essential part of a business because without marketing you can’t reach potential clients and audiences, so, the results are zero! 

When you are learning writing skills, you should consider improving your marketing skills as well. However, there are various platforms that allow you to market your skill for free such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube as well as you have the opportunity to run a paid campaign to generate more sales on your services.


Can journalism become a full-time freelance writer?

Yes, journalism can become a full-time freelance writer.

Becoming a freelance writer needs expertise in language skills such as grammar writing and sentence making as well as you need to learn how to build an article structure. 

What are some creative writing jobs for beginners?

There are several creative writing jobs for beginners such as blogging, content writing, reviews writing, product description, and research article.

How do I become a content writer with no experience?

You can become a content writer without any experience but you need to take research the topic that you want to write about because authentic information makes content reliable and trustworthy.

How do I Become a Freelance Writer with No Experience and No Degree?

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