10 Best Freelancing Websites To Earn Money Online As a Freelancer: Is freelancing worth it in 2023?

In this article, we will discuss the 10 best freelancing websites to earn money online from a home job. Freelancing is an online work system where a freelancer provides services to clients on a project basis and set their service price. Freelancers are responsible to find clients to sell their services. If you are unable to find clients, you can’t earn.

As a freelancer, you can be recognized as a wide range of service providers, if you have skills in several industries such as digital marketing, search engine optimization, designing, Android app development, website building or web development, marketing and consulting. As well as they can work full-time, or part-time and work from a home office or another location of their choice. Surprisingly, they can work on a project while travelling. 

However, Freelancing can be a flexible career choice for everyone as it allows you to work from home on your own schedule while spending time with family. But freelancing can be a challenging job because you have to find clients for your specific services. For example, if you are providing services for “tattoo designs” then you need to find clients who want to buy your design service from the tattoo industry.

Is freelancing worth it in 2023

Yes, the freelancing business is worth it this year and the future of freelancing is expected to become more popular but it can depend on several factors such as the present economical condition, technological advancement, and changes in the job market.

Freelancing has become more popular in recent eras and this trend of expected to continue in future online businesses. s we have seen, many online businesses already moving into online websites. Where they buy a business domain to set up their business to reach more people. So, freelancing and remote work also growing every day to help those business owners.

Freelancing is a rewarding and very high-demand career path and a good future venture. However, when you are thinking to start freelancing, you need to know the responsibilities and how to manage a freelance business as a freelancer is a responsibility to find clients and provide services.

5 Best Freelancing Websites To Earn Money Online

Here is the top freelancing website where anyone can get a job easily. Nowadays, it’s so hard to get a freelance job on Upwork, Freelancer and other popular platforms except the list below.

1. Designhill


  • Freelancing Jobs type: brand design, website design and Graphic designs
  • Pros: 24/7 live chat support, they don’t charge any service fees.
  • Cons: only 2 payment options, no other jobs except design.

DesignHill is a freelancing website that connects freelancers with clients who are looking for a freelancer to complete a design task. And freelancers join in DesignHill who have the capability to provide design services.

DesignHill offers several designing services including graphic design, logo design, website design, and some other marketing materials that require for a business. However, freelancers on the DesignHill platform can create an account where they need to install their profile with skill information. Once you set up your profile, clients can see your profile. So, include all the experience and portfolio to get an order.

DesignHill also provides tools and online resources to help freelancers to develop their experience and expertise such as creating effective proposals and pricing guides. So, when a client views your profile they could be interested in your proposal and pricing. That’s how you can increase happy client numbers.

Using the DesignHill profit calculator, you also can check the percentages of the profile for gross margin, markup, and Gross profit.

How to withdraw money from DesignHill

DesignHill allow you to withdraw publisher earning through Payoneer and PayPal once a publisher reached the minimum payment requirements.

2. SimplyHired


  • Freelancing Jobs type: Graphic Designer, Web developer, Data Entry, Article Writing, Content Writing, Copywriting, Research Writing, Ghostwriting and so on.
  • Pros: You can choose this platform for various types of jobs, Opportunities to find a job in your location. 
  • Cons: Company will pay you directly.

SimplyHired is an online job search website that connects freelancers and businesses. This platform allows freelancers to search for jobs and apply using a portfolio and it also helps employers to find the right candidate for their project.

SimplyHired has several categories of job fields for part-time and full-time job seekers. However, freelancers always like to work on part-time projects for their flexibility and to manage time for other projects. Freelancers can use this SimplyHired platform to find and apply for a job or find a client for services.

SimplyHired also provides several resources to improve the quality of work and experience. This is a great opportunity to get some freelancing resources for free when you trying to increase your skill ability.

3. Internshala


  • Freelancing Jobs type: Marketing, Content Writing, Finance, Graphic Designing, Computer Science, HR, Data Science, Engineering.
  • Pros: Internshala jobs with Internships, International access, and Professional skill development.
  • Cons: Mostly Indian based company.

Internshala is an online freelancing and job-searching website that connects existing students with several businesses and they serve professionals with internship as well as entry-level job opportunities. Internshala allows professionals and students to search for a new job and work from home on a part-time project or full-time employment opportunity.

Internshala has immense job categories such as internships, part-time jobs, full-time jobs, and another professional fields. Freelancers can use Internshala to find a job and apply using their portfolio.

Internshala also provides online skill development resources to develop skills and proficiency in a short time to increase the ability of their existing students.

4. Servicescape


  • Freelancing Jobs type: Editor, Translator, Graphic Design, Writer
  • Pros: Global freelancing platform, High profitable.
  • Cons: Only 4 options freelancers can get jobs.

Servicescape is an online freelancing platform where a freelancer can find clients to sell their own services such as writing, editing, translation, marketing, and design. It is a platform where you can promote and offer services to clients. If clients like your offers, they could hire you for their project.

In Servicescape, freelancers can create a profile and promote services, skills, and experiences. When clients browse your profile and portfolio, there is a chance to hire you for their next project.

Servicescape has several online resources that help freelancers to gain knowledge and experience to provide better services to grow a small freelancing business with happy clients.

5. Rev.com freelancer


  • Freelancing Jobs type: Transcriptionist, Captioner, Subtitler
  • Pros: Global access freelancing platform, High profitable, flexible work schedule.
  • Cons: This platform is only for transcriptionists, Captioners, and Subtitlers.

Rev.com is a new freelancing platform that accepts freelancers who have the ability on transcription, translation, and subtitling skills. Rev.com allow freelancers to provide a wide range of services for writing-related jobs where creativity is the key to success in this freelance platform.

Rev.com has a specialty in video and audio transcription, translation, and subtitling services. If you have any above skills, you can start freelancing with Rev.com. Also, this website allows freelancers to promote their services and has an automatic tool to boost a freelancer’s profile.

However, Rev.com provides some impressive resources to increase freelancing knowledge and improve their service quality. That’s how you can grow your happy clients and Rev.com can get returning visitors.

6. Gun.io


Gun.io is the best freelancing website that was recently established in the online marketplace for those who looking for high-quality software development, design, and marketing services. This platform allows freelancers to promote their professional services through profiles or portfolios.

However, to access this platform you need to create a freelancing account and set up a profile like a professional as the leads and orders depend on your profile.

Gun.io is looking for more professional freelancers because they are new in this sector but promoting services widely to get more clients and more freelancers.

Freelancers on Gun.io can create a portfolio to showcase their skills and experiences. When you create your profile make sure to include all the experience and expertise with a portfolio website.

A portfolio website can grow client numbers if you install all the required things that clients want such as previous work experiences, example projects, happy clients reviews, and some other things.

Moreover, Gun.io provides some essential resources to improve the experiences of freelancers and clients.

7. Codeable


Codeable is a great freelancing platform for those who have a specialty in WordPress development and consulting services. This platform allows the freelancer to work on multiple projects at the same time on a web development service.

Codeable means code+able, where a freelancer has expertise in coding. However, if you want to start a freelancing business with Codeable, you need to create a freelancer profile through their website and set it up professionally.

In Codeable, freelancers can promote services by making an attractive profile. As we know, clients need more satisfaction and reliability from you and your service. So, try to visible all the required skills and experience in a short paragraph.

However, Codeable provides freelancing resources to grow their services and make a skilled freelancer. If you follow their skills, you can improve your skills and experiences.

8. Mechanical Turk by Amazon

Mechanical Turk by Amazon

Mechanical Turk is the best freelancing platform that operate by Amazon Mechanical Turk which allows freelancers to find and get clients to sell their services. The Mechanical Turk is operated by Amazon that’s why many people believe that the platform can make something effective for their clients and freelancers.

Mechanical Turk working for human intelligence task (HIT) that allows completing a task in a short time. They provide services for transcribing audio files, identifying object photos, and more. If you want to work on Mechanical Turk, you need to create a freelancer account on their official page and set up profile professionally with your skill.

9.  Thumbtack


Thumbtack is a freelancing website where freelancers connect to find a client to sell services. However, there is a lot of freelancing skill available in Thumbtack such as web development, graphic design, digital marketing, SEO, SMM, Search engine marketing, and more. As a Thumbtack freelancer, you can get more opportunities to increase freelancing revenue.

Thumbtack offers several home improvement services, freelance event management, travel management, and personal services and allows freelancers to showcase their portfolios and profile.

Thumbtack also trains freelancers to gain more knowledge and experience whereas many online platforms don’t care about it. Thumbtack freelancing guides are most important for freelancers to start freelancing as a beginner. Also, they provide resources on how to improve client satisfaction and quality of work.

10. The Creative Loft

The Creative Loft

The creative Loft is one of the creative freelancing platforms where a freelancer joins with creativity and imaginable experience. However, design and writing services are available at “The creative Loft” whereas marketing is the most essential part.

If you want to on The creative Loft, you have to create an account on its official website and set up profiles creatively. As you going to serve some creative services like writing and design, you need to improve your thinking quality and working experience.

Moreover, to improve writing experiences “The creative Loft” provides online resources and material with a step by step guidelines. If you follow them properly, you can improve your writing and designing skill quickly.,


Here we included the most popular questions that people usually ask to know. If we missed your queries, please let us know.

Is rev freelance transcription legit?

Yes, rev freelance transcription is legit. Rev Freelance Transcription is a globally trusted freelance platform, trusted by 750,000+ happy users. The platform is popular for audio and video conversion or video to text, English subtitles, translated subtitles.

How much does rev transcription pay?

Rev transcription pay per minute is $1.50 for audio and video transcription and $1.50 per minute for English closed captions as well as $5-12 per minute for globally translated subtitles.

What is the rev payment method?

Rev payment method is Paypal and they only pay US Dollars for all Freelancers.

How much does rev charges?

Rev does not charge any payment for freelancers, that’s mean freelancer can work and get their full revenue.

How does Internshala pay after completing an internship?

Internshala may only pay you the stipend you get upon completing your internship. Generally, Internshala makes a relationship between you and a company for job purposes. So the salary depends on your company.

Is Internshala paid internship work from home legit?

Yes, Internshala paid internship work from home is legit as they provide several opportunities for students with an impressive stipend after the internship.

Why does internshala excite you?

Internshala excites you, It completely depends on marketing methods as they always ask the student to join their courses and offer impressive benefits. It has various opportunities and students’ career success level guidelines.

Is servicescape legit?

Yes, servicescape is a legit company as they work in the global marketplace for 20 years and they also have a 5-star rating in various fields.

Servicescape payment methods for Freelancers?

Servicescape has easy payment methods for freelancers. Freelancers can withdraw revenue from the servicescape freelance platform through Paypal.

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