Top 11 Google Search Operator: You Need To Know!

Google search operators are excellent search terms and commands that can expand the capabilities of a simple message display. Search operators are often useful for everything from content evaluation to specific SEO audits.

Those who have done SEO must know about Google search operator which helps to find your specific search such as keyword, title or link.

When we search for traffic volume for SEO or search for a specific article of the website in Google search results, then basically all these search operators are used.

How do I use the search operator?

You can type the Google search operator directly into the Google search box, just as you would a text search:

allintitle: “Janamy Swift Tech”

allintitle: "Janamy Swift Tech"
allintitle: “Janamy Swift Tech”

Here allintitle: is a Google search operator that searches Google for a specific keyword to see how many titles there are. We found out how many title results there are with our website name that you can also find with your keywords.

Top 11 Google Search Operators: Uses Guides!

The following search operators will help an SEO beginner or expert get their desired results.

1. “search term”

By using “search term” you can find specific and accurate information about a person.

For example: “Bill Gates”

2. file type:

filetype: A search method that uses any website PDF, TXT, DOCX, PPT and many more files can be found from Google search results.

For example: ahrefs filetype:pdf / ahrefs ext:pdf

3. site:

site: Get all the information about all the articles, products or services of a particular website.

For example: Site:

4. related:

Mainly used to find various baby related sites.

For example: related:

5. intitle:

It is helpful to find the number of articles published in search engines with a specific keyword. Our example will contain all the data related to tesla.

For example: intitle: tesla

6. inurl:

All links related to specific keywords are used to search. Our example shows how to find all links containing the keyword Tesla.

For example: inurl: Tesla

7. allintitle:

We also showed this example above that allintitle: is used to find a specific product or service with a keyword that is similar to intitle:.

For example: allintitle: Tesla car

8. allinurl:

Google searches for a specific URL with the name of the product or service. If you want to see if a specific article on your website is performing well in the Google search engine, you can search results with allinurl: your URL or .

eg: allinurl: Tesla car model

9. Weather:

If you are looking for weather information for a specific place or a specific country, you can use the weather: operator to give you quality results.

For example: weather: New York

10. stocks:

Get information about stocks which will provide recent results and old results.

For example: stocks: Apple

11. movies:

Use to search for a specific movie. If you are trying to search for a movie from Google, there is no option to use the movie: search operator to get good results.

For example: movie:steve jobs

Google Search Operator Cheat Sheet

Below you can find a large collection using various common author operators, divided mainly into three categories: “Basic”, “Advanced”, and “Conflict”. Basic Chase admin are operators that change the appearance of standard text.

Author Cheat Sheet Operator for Stephen Hawking

“Stephen Hawking”

Include any phrases in the description that cause Google to use an exact match.

Or search by Stephen Hawking

Google search defaults to logical AND between terms. Specify “OR” for cheaper OR (all caps).

| Stephen Hawking

Line (|) is ambiguous from admin “OR”. This is important if your cap lock is broken 🙂

( ) (Stephen or Hawking ) current

Use the stroke area to package operators and control the requests they execute.

– Tesla – Motor

Prepend a hyphen (-) to any word (calculator) to remove that word from the result.

*Tesla “Rocket* Roll”

The sigil (*) may be an exception and any words may help.

#..#Tesla Apocalypse 2015..2017

Within this range of numbers, use (..) to line up any number with a number on one side or the other.


Google search operators are popular among SEO experts as well as users. Because if you search for a service, product or a person’s information from Google, then many times Google suggests what we don’t want. But by using search operators we can get specific results so these search operators are very popular for everyone

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