How Accurate is Google Trends: Types of Google Trends Search

In this article, we will discuss how accurate is google trends for keyword research and content ranking. Google Trends is a free online keyword research tool provided by Google that allows you to analyze specific keywords and topics that trending on Google search.

Google Trends also provides data for a certain period. It helps you to understand how popular a keyword is and how many people are interested in a particular topic from different regions and languages.

How accurate is google trends

Google Trends is an accurate and reliable source to analyze a keyword, user interest, and trending topics. 

However, Google Trends shows data based on Google search queries where you can get accurate results for the past 12 months, 24-hour, weekly, and monthly search data.  

Types of Google Trends Search

Google Trends has some different search terms for a particular keyword.

  1. Web search
  2. Image search
  3. News Search
  4. Google shopping search
  5. YouTube search

1. Web Search

Google Trends web search allows you to get trending data for different countries, specific time periods, and categories.

For example, Silicon Valley Bank is a keyword that trending on Google searches right now.

Silicon Valley Bank

If you search on Google Trends by this keyword it will show results for Interest Over Time, Interest by City, Related topics, and Related Queries.

2. Image search

Image search changed the search terms on Google Trends where you can get any topic and image searching data for a specific time period.

When I search on Google Trends image search by Miley Cyrus, it shows results for specific countries, times, and interests.

Google Trends image search


To get image search data you need to need to follow the below steps:

  • Go to Google Trends
  • Write down your keywords
  • Select Region
  • Choose the data period that you want to get.
  • Select a category to get results for user interest.
  • Change web search to Image search.

3. News Search

Google Trends news search shows results for trending news, and popular news and allows you to choose a certain time period to better understand how a news topic influenced people over time.

To get Google news trending data, you need to change the search terms web search to news search.

4. Google Shopping Search

Google Trends shopping search shows dynamic results for products. If you are an Affiliate marketer or eCommerce shop owner, then Google shopping trends can increase your sales.

To get Google shopping trends data simply change the search terms web search to Google shopping search and explore the results.

5. YouTube search

Google trends added YouTube search data to better understand YouTube user interest which helps the content creator to make a video on user interest.

To get Google Trends data on YouTube search, you need to change the search terms Web search to YouTube search and search your data.


Google trends keyword research tools help content creators and businesses to understand user interest by different Country regions, languages, categories, and different time periods.

How Accurate is Google Trends: Types of Google Trends Search

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