How Does AdSense Works and What Types of Ads Does AdSense Serve?

In this article, we will discuss “How does Adsense works and What types of ads does Adsense serve”. Google Adsense is an advertisement program offered by Google. This program is specially made for business owners to get the potential customer to sell their services, products, and business.

How does Adsense Works?

Here are some essential ways on how does Google Adsense work and how a publisher can earn money using Adsense ads:

  1. Publishers sign up on the Google Adsense partner program and get a unique code and ads.txt to connect the website with Adsense.
  2. Google’s AI system reviews your website and content to check whether your website follows Adsense’s privacy policy or not.
  3. Advertisers will bid in real-time to show their ads on your website and the highest bidder wins and Google Adsense will display their ads on your website.
  4. When a visitor sees an advertisement on your website and clicks, the publisher will earn revenue for both clicks and impressions.
  5. The CPC depends on several factors such as advertiser bids, content, and traffic country. If your visitor comes from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Europe then your CPC will be high.
  6. Google takes a percentage of your earning.
  7. Publishers can track their earnings, performance, and ad quality through the Google Adsense dashboard.
  8. Once you reach the minimum payment requirement of $100, Adsense will send your earning directly to your bank.

What types of ads does Adsense serve?

Adsense has various types of ads including Multiplex ads, in-feed, Native ads, Display ads, shopping ads, Anchor ads, and vignette ads.

How Does AdSense Works

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