How To Stay Online 24 Hours On Fiverr – Fiverr Auto Refresh Extension

How To Stay Online 24 Hours On Fiverr? As we know, to become successful on Fiverr one of the major ways is to respond to the client’s messages as soon as possible. When your client content you or send messages for a project and you don’t reply to them on time, it will be a bad impact on your profile and Fiverr will automatically increase your responding time which will show when a buyer comes to connect you.

Make save your profile from this bad impact you have to stay online 24/7. It is so hard to stay online all the time or stay online 24 hours on Fiverr a day but to make it easy some extensions can help you and one of them is the Fiverr autorefresh extension.

Fiverr autorefresh extension will help you to stay online 24 hours on Fiverr which must lead to an increase in your orders and you will get more engagement in your Fiverr gigs.

Stay Online On Fiverr 24 Hours Auto Refresh Extension

The difficulties of staying online on Fiverr 24 hours, Fiverr auto refresh extension for chrome solved this problem. By using this extension you can stay online on Fiverr for 24 hours which will be a good and positive impact on your profile and increase the volume of orders.

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How to stay online on Fiverr from mobile

If you are using a mobile phone for android or ISO you have to use Fiverr Auto Refresh App. After installing this app you can simply log in to your Fiverr account.

By this, you will be active always on Fiverr. When your buyer messages you or make an order, you will get an automatically updated notification within a second even if you don’t have to sit on your laptop.

How to stay online on Fiverr from computer

If you don’t have a mobile or you are not free to check messages or notifications via your mobile then you can go this way. To use this extension for the Google Chrome browser do a search for “auto-refresh pro extension” or go to your Google Chrome extension tool and search for it.

Auto refresh pro extension for Fiverr
Fig1: Auto refresh pro extension for Fiverr

After searching you will have an interface like Fig: Auto refresh pro extension for Fiverr, go for it.

Fiverr Auto refresh pro extension
Fig2: Fiverr Auto refresh pro extension

When you access this google chrome extension, you will see this Fig2: Fiverr Auto refresh pro extension. Now time to add this to your browser, to add this extension simply click on the add button and it will automatically add your browser.

Once you add the extension, go and open your gig from your Fiverr account, you will get an option to stay active 24 hours on Fiverr. So now, just set the time and start.

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Wrap Up Stay Online 24 Hours On Fiverr

Now you can set your time with minutes when you want to show it online. Moreover, Janamy Swift Tech does not recommend you to use this extension because Fiverr may catch you and then ban your profile. To save your account you can increase your activity in this field.

FAQs: Stay Online 24 Hours On Fiverr

Here are some popular questions peop[le usually ask to know so we tried to answer all of your queries. If we missed your question to answer, let us know.

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What is the best time to be online on Fiverr?

If you are from Asia and target client’s from the US, the best time to set for the US time zone. If you are focused on Europe clients then use the time zone for the EU.

What is the Fiverr always online extension?

The extension for the always online is the Fiverr auto refresh extension. It will help you to make your profile 24/7 active.

Why is my Fiverr online status not showing?

If your Fiverr status not showing, you might use the Fiverr auto refresh extension or uninstall then install it properly. So the problem will be fixed.

What does away mean on Fiverr?

The away mean on Fiverr is seller is not active or the seller is currently offline. You can set this away when you are going offline for a few days from Fiverr.

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