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How to Use Google Trends for Market Research

Google Trends is an essential tool for market research. It allows you to analyze niches, keywords, and product insight in a deeper way. 

To understand customer behavior and what they search for on the internet, Google Trends is indispensable for getting perfect market research. 

In this article, we will discuss how to use Google Trends for market research and get more insights on a topic.

how to use google trends for market research: 5 Ways

There are several ways to use Google Trends for market research such as identifying keywords, entering keywords in Google Trends search, analyzing results, Identifying trends and patterns, and refining research.

1. Identify Your Keywords

Identify Your Keywords

Before starting market research it’s important to know your niches and industries. So brainstorming can assist you to find a keyword list that is relevant to your market industry. It could be the product name, brand name, or topic.

2. Enter your keywords into Google Trends

To start analyzing a keyword go to Google Trends and enter your keyword in the search box. You can compare your niches with up to five keywords at a time.

Enter your keywords into Google Trends

3. Analyze the Results

Once you search your keywords, Google Trends will display results on how popular that particular keyword is and how it changed on the Google search results page. 

Analyze the Results

You can also filter the results by location, Geo, Region, Time, and search operator. 

4. Identify Trends and Patterns

Identify the trend and patterns of the keyword to understand data fluctuation and spikes. It will help you to identify user interest and how a topic or product is being discussed over the news, story, and even.

5. Refine your Research

Refine your research to understand and develop your market. You can also research related topics to improve your business with customer interest.

How to Use Google Trends for Market Research

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