17 Macrame Ideas to Make and Sell

Macrame Ideas to Make and Sell, Macrame is enjoying a renaissance right now. The brand, which became famous in the seventies, offers many opportunities to crafty entrepreneurs.

Part of the ubiquitous rise has to do with the bohemian decorating style that’s making the rounds on Pinterest and decor-themed websites. But at the same time, it’s an exceptionally down-to-earth art to learn because it basically involves tying ropes or different threads to new patterns. What’s more, with a few basic materials you can find at a craft or hardware store, you can create a variety of items that are ready to wear, displayed in your home, or given to others online or at local markets.

Macrame Ideas for Small Handmade Businesses

Assuming you’re looking for macrame ideas for your smart business, here are 17 tips to consider.

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Interior decoration

Interior decorating can be an ideal choice if you want real fantasy with different types, examples and surfaces. It is basically a 3D wall craft that can include different types of ropes and strands. You can stick with a basic example, or even try to create an interesting image.


If you want to make small pieces of macrame, make basic pieces of jewellery such as knotted neckerchiefs, bracelets or even hoops that look like feathers. This is especially valuable for those who want to sell products online, as shipping small items is not difficult.


If you want to create something small and lively, consider making macrame ornaments. I can shape them like light bulbs or even small wall decorations that are made to go on trees during special seasons. Stick with the basics for a bohemian ceremony-style theme or add a few happy touches that will appeal to a wide audience.

Hanging plant holder

Hanging plants can be a wonderful way to add variety to a space. What’s more, macrame offers an ideal technique for holding these plants. Essentially, method the farmer’s hand bunches and then fastens the material up so that someone can undoubtedly catch it in the top trap.


Macrame is also perfect for belts, as you can create a long example, without stretching too much, bursting with dangling, which adds both style and strength. You can attach a clip to the end or try tying the strap.


For those looking for more beautiful macrame ideas, add a few more tones or knotty finishes to create a bag that offers an interesting and essential style.

Jar Hangers

At home, many clients may want to start a small spice garden in their kitchen or hang small tea lights on the deck. Small glass containers provide an ideal way to accessorize these ends, and basic macrame holders can allow clients to easily place these containers around their homes or garden.

Produce Bags

Nowadays, many people are looking for easy ways to dispose of waste, like plastic product packaging. You can create an eco-friendly system by tying manageable ropes or fibres together to make reusable produce bags that people can take with them to the supermarket.


For other design-related items, you can attach a rope or thread to the bottom of the shoe and then make a small series of ties to hold the upper part of the shoe set. This item is perfect for summer or for people selling to well-known destinations.


Basically, you can make a wreath to enhance the occasion or decorate various special occasions. With macrame, you can create a kind of perimeter at the base of the laurel, so the piece becomes a real point.

Light Fixtures

Macrame can also be used to make interpretive lamps and lighting installations. Basically, you can create curtains that go in a circle around the light. You can then either sell the decorative highlight or combine it into a light or an actual lighting installation that is completely independent.


If you want to keep it more limited, you can create circular or even bordered macrame patterns. This makes it an ideal solution for creating a napkin set that matches retro or casual home decor.

Camera Straps

If you want to stick to smaller items, macrame is perfect for making sturdy DSLR camera straps. Create unique patterns that give photographers a little bit of flair with their cameras. You can also use it for bag straps.


Macrame has always been a popular technique for making hammocks. Knotted construction provides comfort and strength. If you go to this course, it can be helpful to sell locally as these items will often be quite large. That being said, you can simply sell a texture segment that fits the existing base.


For people who need to make larger household items, macrame can be a viable method for making curtains. You can offer straightforward plans that simply beautify or match your creation with a strong texture for a more useful shade.

FAQs: Macrame Ideas to Make and Sell

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