Google PageSpeed Insights Score 100 | Gtmetrix Score 100

PageSpeed Insights and Gtmetrix Score 100

Assuming you’re attempting to find a piece of writing that assists your site with getting PageSpeed Insights Score 100/100 And Gtmetrix Score 100/100. Hello, you’re perfectly located, within the wake of perusing this text your site are a rocket in PageSpeed Insights And Gtmetrix with my best advancement portrayals.

So before jumping into our greatest strategies, we should always discover about PageSpeed Insights And Gtmetrix.

What is Google PageSpeed Insights?

Google PageSpeed Insights may be a perplexing supportive instrument that researches your site’s front-end execution and offers improvement recommendations.

It scores your site from 0 to 100 centers, with a score of 85 or above showing a page is performing extraordinary.

PageSpeed Insights gauges who a page is worked on reliant upon:

Time to over the-cross-over load: period from the second a client requests another page and to the second the over the-wrinkle content is conveyed by the program.

Time to page load: time period from the second a client requests yet one more page to the second the page is completely conveyed by the program.

So how do PageSpeed Insights survey your site? it’s at the association’s free pieces of page execution: laborer plan, the HTML design of a page, and its usage of out of doors resources, as an example, pictures, Javascript, and CSS.

Testing your site with PageSpeed Insights is a stunner for anyone who hasn’t attempted to propel their site, and moreover offers an uncommon early phase for those needing to further develop site execution.

Having said that, it can moreover send you into an inconsequential craze when a site returns under expected scores, or recommendations that countermeasures you have got founded on your site.

What is Exactly Gtmetrix?

GTmetrix is one in all the free contraptions wont to get organized covers site execution. It explores the complete Website speed using Google Page Speed and YSlow rules. GTmetrix watches that the front-finish of the complete site is in keeping with the proposed practices.

A respectable PageSpeed/YSlow score infers that the page is progressed for the speediest possible conveyance by the net program.

Meaning of SEO

GTmetrix expects a large capacity in SEO as Google uses the Page Speed to realize its situating computation. Right webpage speed simplifies requesting for web crawlers and grows the amount of client satisfaction. It justifies recalling this while performing on your site.

Rules to accelerate your site

  • Utilize a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Information base enhancement in CMS.
  • Move your site to a superior host.
  • Limit the number of JavaScript and CSS records.
  • Execute Gzip Compression.
  • Use site storing.
  • Diminish the number of modules.
  • Upgrade the scale of images on your site.
  • Divert an internet site (HTTP to HTTPS) Cpanel htaccess


Autoptimize may be a free WordPress progression module. Despite HTML, CSS, and JavaScript smoothing out, Autoptimize similarly consolidates improvement features centered at various pieces of present-day WordPress regions.

In this article, we’ll satisfy the most effective Autoptimize module settings to figure on the show and page speed of your WordPress site.

Why Autoptimize?

Before we dive into the simplest Autoptimize settings, we must always quickly go through multiple justifications for why Autoptimize is an unprecedented smoothing out module.

The free sort of Autoptimize contains a complete rundown of abilities for smoothing out your WordPress site.

Autoptimize is cautiously a headway module and does no HTML page holding. This infers it’s suitable with all web has – even ones with the custom page holding courses of action like Kinsta.

Autoptimize has over 1 million elements present within the WordPress storage facility and is dependably invigorated with new features and bug fixes.

Autoptimize JS, CSS, and HTML Settings

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are Autoptimize’s fundamentals. Correspondingly similarly like other progression modules, diving into Autoptimize’s expansive rundown of abilities and settings may be a staggering task. To simplify everything, we’ve got aggregated the simplest Autoptimize settings for functioning on your site’s show.

There are 3 Particular Autoptimize Settings, you ought to have to founded to streamline a WordPress site

JavaScript Options

  • CSS Options
  • HTML Options
  • Minifies JavaScript, CSS and HTML
  • Adds lapses headers
  • Store minified records
  • Moves styles to the page head
  • Move contents to the footer

Autoptimize module assists with minifying all JS, CSS, and HTML records to induce better on PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix that may make around score one hundred pc Optimization.

#WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is that the most downloaded module within the module vault. It’s dynamic in 1 Million+ site as of now. This module may be a consequence of Automatic, Parent association for WordPress.

It’s a beginner pleasing module with less other options. Less choice suggests they furnish most customization out of the case and if you wish some significant level limit, by then play with the course of action.


  • Serve static HTML records
  • Store preload
  • CDN support
  • Support different storing types (Mod_Rewrite, PHP, and Legacy)

#W3 Total Cache

This the foremost evolved WordPress putting away module and actuated on 1 Million+ Website. it’s everything except beginner agreeable yet you’ll find many articles on the way to founded the W3 Total Cache module for beginner Guides. Here is that the rundown of Configuration that upheld within the W3 Total Cache.

Upheld Feature

  • CDN Support
  • Minifying
  • Program storing
  • Information base storing
  • Object storing
  • Cloudflare Support

#ShortPixel Image Optimizer

Pictures are the heaviest piece of any page. ShortPixel Image Optimizer further develops pictures and diminishes their size without adulterating the regular size of the image. It similarly diminishes your PDF size.

Present it and pick your leaned toward elective like lossy/lossless. It normally smoothes out your new moved picture.

ShortPixel gives 100image/month smoothing get into the free plan. Use an association with get extra 100 picture upgrade credits.

Upheld Features

  • Simple to Use
  • Mass Image enhancement choice accessible
  • Consequently resize/streamline your pictures

#BJ Lazy Load

This module replaces all of your post pictures, post thumbnails, gravatar pictures, and substance iframes with a placeholder and weights the substance because it gravitates toward to enter the program window when the visitor investigates the page. Also works with text contraptions.

Since iframes, it also covers embedded videoes from Vimeo, YouTube, etc


  • Replaces post pictures, Gravatar pictures and post thumbnails
  • Replaces content with a placeholder until content necessities
  • The module uses jQuery to figure
  • Serves in the reduction of pictures with responsive plans

#Imagify Image streamlining agent

Imagify offers similar help like ShortPixel anyway they offer an additional option to get pictures lighter when appeared differently in relevancy ShortPixel, yet this setting clearly exhibited picture quality corruption.

It’s better for pressure JPG picture, and that they offer you a predominant game plan within the free interest program. Imagify gives a 25MB/Month standard on the image. This module saves 3.5MB from the 7Mb picture on my other blog.


  • Resize/Optimize your image normally
  • Mass picture upgrading decision
  • Simple to use

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