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Up to $3,411 monthly

Work Location: Jacksonville, FL 32202

Office: Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office

Full verbal description

Set of working liabilities:

This is paraprofessional add arranging and preparing transparently accessible reports requests including created and sound/video. The work requires data on methodologies, procedures, and frameworks utilized in the supply of uninhibitedly accessible reports requests, which are typically gained through involved preparing. Contacts require capacities in understanding and influencing people and are huge in settling business-related issues or grumblings. The work is that the semi-ordinary practice in this tasks are covered by philosophy or perspectives, notwithstanding, a point is permitted to contemplate the foremost fitting methodology, technique, or framework to follow.

Work is acted in an office environment and fuses action of normal office equipment sort of a copier, telephone, PC and PC programming, as an example, word taking care of, video adjusting programming, and PDF modifying programming. Real demands contain sitting or staying at a piece station for extended time spans, using and barely lifting, and moving things weighing under 50lbs. The work is performed under wide watch where the work errands are changed and, though dependent upon standard practice and strategy, the worker is permitted an extension to line own necessities subject to the supervisor’s support.

Occasions of Work:

Unravels applies and ensures consistency with government, state, and shut by regulations and rules and approaches concerning openly accessible reports. Reviews redact and alter video/sound for various units of the sheriff’s office. Downloads changes and redacts requests for 911 sound and call history printouts. Redacts referenced unreservedly accessible reports requests from news sources. Enters, yields, and attaches records requests and related chronicles during a solitary central region for following and obligation.

Cycles urban center Repository requests. Sorts out and styles straightforwardly accessible report requests from legal advisors, other regulation approval workplaces, protection organizations, State Attorney’s Office, and prisoner openly accessible reports requests. Cycles bring requests. Responds to solicitations and complaints from the overall populace and interprets and explains departmental courses of action and systems to clients. Records and recuperates various sorts of reports. Works standard office equipment sort of a PC, copier, telephone, utilizing word preparing, video changing and PDF adjusting programming. Keeps up the arrangement of records and other fragile information. Displays ability within the City of Jacksonville Core Competencies. Performs related commitments as needed.

Data, Skills, and Abilities:

Data on the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office game plans and methods with relevance uninhibitedly accessible reports. Data on government, state, and neighborhood regulations and rules and methodologies concerning straightforwardly accessible reports. Data on standard office practices and frameworks. Ability to translate regulations, rules, and rules. Ability to gather, analyze and translate the info. Ability to grant enough, both orally and recorded as a printed version. Ability to figure a PC utilizing word planning, video adjusting, and PDF changing programming. Ability to review the information and make reports. Ability to line up and continue strong working relationships with agents and individuals overall. Ability to lift moderate to profound things. Ability to zero in on work errands and play out different undertakings.

Open Requirements/Supplemental Information:

A drawn-out mixture of tutoring from an approved establishment and also experience in para-capable work, which involves at any rate one (1) year of prior records understanding.

Various Requirements

The time for testing for this class is twelve annually. This portrayal performs prosperity-sensitive limits and is reliant upon pre-business, inconsistent, and other prescription/alcohol testing programs as gone on within the City of Jacksonville’s Drug-Free Workplace Policy (0401).

Class Series

The City of Jacksonville is an Equal Opportunity/Equal Access Employer and can give the comparable opportunity to any or all specialists and competitors in consistence with all applicable government and state business regulations and therefore the current comprehension of business isolation by the us Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, as gone on in Directive 0528. there’ll be no isolation or harassing against somebody concerning race, concealing, sex (counting pregnancy), sexual bearing, feature or verbalization, religion, political affiliation, public reason, handicap, age, intimate status, veteran status, or another impermissible element in enlistment, enrolling, pay, planning, position, headway, discipline, minimize, moves, reduction, survey, end, working circumstances and related terms and conditions of business.

Min: USD $3,411.21/Mo. Max: USD $3,411.21/Mo.

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