Windows 11: How to Add Clocks with Different Time Zones

There are different justifications for why you would possibly add extra clocks. you would like to know what time it’s before you call your family in numerous states. Or on the opposite hand, you actually want to contact a piece pal for something, and you generally must understand what time it’s in their country.

Regardless of whether you contact the individual frequently, it’s in every case great to know what time it’s where they’re. Including a further clock, your Windows 11 PC doesn’t take long and doesn’t occupy plenty of room on your screen. you’ll likewise add a subsequent enter on the off chance that you simply want to.

How to Add an Extra Clock to Windows 11

In the Notification Center, you’ll be able to add two clocks with two different time regions on the schedule. to feature your most memorable clock in the Notification Center, you will have to travel to Settings. When you’re in Settings, click on Time and Language from the sidebar to your left side.

Time and Language Windows 11
Time and Language Windows 11

When you’re in, look down until you check the selection that claims Additional clocks. However long you’re there you’ll be able to empower or impair the selection to alter the time naturally or change light assets time consequently.

Date and time settings Windows 11
Date and time settings Windows 11

At the purpose when the Date and Time box shows up, ensure you’re on the extra Clocks tab. Click on the case for Show this clock and pick it slow region. you’ll be able to likewise change the presentation name if that’s something you would like to try and do.

Time and Date box

To add another clock, check an identical Show this clock box for the next clock. Whenever you’re finished, click on the Apply button > OK. to test assuming that your new tickers are added, click on the date and time on your taskbar. They should be over the schedule.


Why retain the time distinction with another nation or another state. By adding an additional clock, you’ll understand what time it’s by tapping on the time and date on your taskbar. On the off chance that one isn’t sufficient, you recognize how you’ll be able to add two. If you at any point alter your perspective and want to eliminate one, you’ll just uncheck the show this clock box. What number of clocks will you be adding? Share your considerations within the remarks beneath, and remember to impart the article to others via web-based entertainment.

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