Workana English Test Answers 2023 | PPH Test Answers

In this article, we will discuss Workana English test answers and PPH test answers for 2023. PeoplePerHour is a freelancing platform where many professionals want to work with their expertise but when freelancers come to join this platform they take an entrance exam that may hardship for new freelancers.

We have included all the required steps that will help you to get the targeted score for the Workana test and PPH test.

What are Workana and PeoplePerHour?

Workana and PeoplePerHour are the best freelancing platform for skilled people where 2 million freelancers work every day. 

Freelancing jobs are becoming more popular and this industry growing rapidly as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) declared that freelancer services are self-employment work.

Why PPH and Workana take English tests?

PPH and Workana take English language tests to justify your communication skill that requires to do freelancing. As we know, freelancing platforms are internationally recognized websites, where various businesses connect globally to find a freelancer worker and communicate with each other through the English language as a second language. That’s many online freelancing organizations take English language tests.

How to get Workana test answers?

To get Workana test answers you need to follow our videos that have been published on YouTube because most of the freelance platforms ask for similar questions on grammar and sentence making.

However, to sit for Workana and PPH English tests you need to learn the basic level of English including grammar, spelling, and the ability to make sentences.

Workana english test answers suggestion

To gain the best score on Workana test answers, you need to practice foundation grammar writing.

Here are some essential parts of grammar writing from where most freelance platforms make questions:

  1. Tense: tense is the basic part of grammar writing which included present tense, past tense, and future tense.
  2. Voice: freelance English test includes active voice and passive voice to catch various types of sentences.
  3. Preposition: Preposition is the most significant part of grammar writing as they use to complete a sentence with the position.
  4. Article: skill test in the article define that you can specify something when making a conversation.
  5. Sentence making: sentence making is the most important part when making a conversation. Most freelancers can’t make a sentence properly that’s why clients can’t catch the sounds that you want to explain, so they get confused. 


To get a freelancer client in a short time, it’s necessary to learn a basic level of English. The Workana, Fiverr, People Per Hour, and others freelancing websites take English tests to help you to get clients and help clients to get the best results. 

PPH Workana English Test Answers

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