How to Make Money Using Google AdSense

In this article, we will discuss “how to make money using Google AdSense”. Google AdSense is a widely recognize advertising network which allows you to monetize your website, YouTube channel, Bolg sites, and Blogger. 

Everyone who is connected to the internet knows about Google because billions of people search everyday to find products, articles, persons, or companies but most people don’t know that Google also provides the opportunity to make money using their products. 

For example:

  1. Google Adsense For Content
  2. Google Adsense For YouTube 
  3. Google Adsense for Apps developer
  4. AdMob to publish ad units

Google AdSense has a monetization system for creators. So, if you are a creator such as an App developer, Web developer, Content writer, or YouTuber then you can make money online using Google Adsense ads.

How Google Adsense works?

Google Adsense is an ads publishing network, where publishers join to monetize their websites. However, they have some systems to buy and sell advertisements. 

Google Adwords is an ads promotion network, where businesses come to advertise to reach a potential customer. For example, I am the owner of Janamy Swift Tech and I need Freelancing customers who want to learn to freelance. So, if I want to run a campaign on Google then I have to create an ad account on Google AdWords to promote my services. 

Once we create an ads campaign on Adwards then Google promotes those advertisements on their publisher website or channel via Google Adsense. That’s how Google Adsense works.

How to Make Money Using Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a family-friendly advertising ecosystem. That’s why they have huge requirements. If you want to learn then, you can read the Google Adsense Policy.

Here are the basic criteria to start earning money on Adsense:

  1. First, you need a website, Blog, Blogger, or YouTube channel with a good amount of content and audience.
  2. Your blog site or website must follow the Adsense community guidelines.
  3. A new website can monetize content but 6 months older website is the primary requirement in our prospect.
  4. Need a high-quality domain name such as .com, .net, .in, and .info but we recommend a .com domain name.
  5. You will need a good amount of traffic on your website with higher engagement.
  6. You will need daily page 100+ views.
  7. You will need to publish a quality and advertise-friendly article which meets Google advertisement requirements.

I hope after reading JanamySwiftTech’s article, you will be able to monetize your website.

How to Make Money Using Google Adsense

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